Body, Paint & Styling 2005 Honda CR-V middle back seat belt

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    Bought 2005 Honda CR-V automatic 6 weeks ago and my 4 year old grandson managed to wrap the centre seat belt around his neck !!! the seat belt had tighten so much that I could not release it from the tensioner and where the belt attached by the seat it was not like all the other seat belt holders and I had no idea how to release it. Luckily I had just picked my son up from fishing so he had a knife which we used to cut the belt (my grandson was starting to go very white hence the drastic action). My question is, could I just replace the material seat belt or do I need to replace the whole lot an how hard is it to do. Thanks
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    I am glad your grandson is ok ,you will need to replace the entire central unit you can't get the strap. Item 12 in the picture

    Honda Part number 82480-SCA-G11ZA , RR. SEATBELT CENTER *NH167L*£258.36