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    Jared never thought much of Kenny Bania— until Bania built a pristine black S2000.

    If you've ever built, are currently in the midst of building, or plan to build a Honda in the future, there's something you should keep in mind: You won't please everyone no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try. Read that last line again, take a moment and allow it to sink in, and then continue reading. From your friends to your family to random strangers who might catch a glimpse of your car plastered on a forum or social media outlet, there's always going to be someone acting as your "build manager" even when you've never actually requested their services. That's right, people you've never even met before will be quick to tell you exactly what your car "needs" and why it would be so much better if it were slammed to the ground or armed with this part or that. For some, the comments become somewhat influential and can alter one's vision. For others, like Jared Aguila, owner of this pristine Berlina Black AP2 Honda S2000, those foreign voices fall on deaf ears.

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