Sold 2006, 06 FR-V 2.2CDTO Sport, Full leather etc etc. Sad sale.

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    This is a truly AMAZING family car.

    I've have owned it since Dec 2012. I bought it as I loved the idea of my son being at the side of me (in the middle front seat) driving along with Dad. It has given me so many memories, fantastic chars as we sat arm by arm, answering questions, pulling faces and making the best trumping noises with our faces ! I honestly believe me and my son have bonded for more from the fact he has been sat next to me on some lovely holiday journeys to Cornwall and Scotland and local journeys too because of the 3 seat configuration in this car. So why am i selling ?

    We have a caravan. I bought it last year, we pulled with it once, fantastically. The car had no power issues and stability issues pulling 1500kgs of caravan. The tow bar and electrics are brand new last year (receipt to prove). It has never had a two bar before. We liked the freedom caravanning gave us and we want a bigger one. Legally we need a bigger car to pull it so the Honda has to go. What an agonising decision.

    The car has circa 93,000 miles on. I use it daily. It is a Honda diesel and will do over 200,000miles. Look for them, they are selling with that mileage on. It is chain driven, not cam belted, so every 6000 miles it has an oil change to keep the chain clean and free of contaminants that can sometimes undermine any chain driven engine. I again have receipts to prove I do this. It has a full service history. Every May it has a full service and MOT. It has never failed in my ownership, not even an advisory. I keep the car in tip top condition. After all it is my car. I want it safe and right for me and my sons safety. Simple logic. I have a pile of receipts and history for the car. I like cars like that. Every car has a history, keep a record of it for the next owner. Its the least you can do for them and the car.

    Last year I had all new brake discs and pads plus new brake fluid. This November it has just had 2 new front tyres (Michelins), the tracking checked (it is correct) and an oil change as usual for winter. I also replaced the car mats with genuine Honda FR-V mats, they cost a bomb !

    The engine is so quiet for a diesel. I have changed the V belt in 2013 (which runs the alternator and air con etc) for the smaller version and done away with the extra pulley that puts pressure on the ancillaries and causes early failure as Honda found out. So in all I would class this engine and car as very very good.

    The leather interior is clean, no rips or tears or mitigable marks. I have cleaned it in Sept this year and fe it too with a decent leather balm.

    In front of the middle seat the car has a DVD player, SatNav, rear Camera, Phone bluetooth system and stereo system. Its an awesome extra. We have travelled to Scotland in one go watching DVDs with my son and he didn't even realise we had arrived. For kids, this extra is invaluable. And if I'm honest, having a good film on to listen to whilst driving helps the journey go well for me too ! I have the original Honda head unit (radio CD system) for the car if you decide to put it back in.

    The boot space is very spacious and clean. I always keep a protective mat in there.
    Its a wide car. It has electric heated mirrors. Heated front seats, electric windows all round, the rear ones are darkened as a factory extra and I have also fitted the windows surrounds that kets air in but not rain for longer journeys when you want to change the air. The air con was serviced in July this year before we net to Cornwall. Freezing cold, no issues. No rust, some small alloys marks as usual for any car but they still look great.

    So, as much as it hurts to sell the car, I must to get a bigger one for our caravan journeys. My son is 4 now. Im a bit gutted he will be in the back of my new car, but ill go the extra mile and promise be a better Dad and do more stuff with him when we get to our destination.

    I would get in the car now and drive to Scotland, Cornwall, France, Spain or anywhere else you wanted and wouldn't worry about its reliability at all.

    As with all cars, satisfy yourself as to its reliability. but I stand by this and say its :tut: good.

    Caveat Emptor and all that. Im in no rush to sell, so won't take stupid offers but I am looking to sell. Quality comes at a price but I'm not unrealistic. After all I want to sell it.

    Come see, have a drive. You'll be very surprised and pleased with it.

    Pics on the ad below. I have more if you want them.

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    Fantastic history you had with your FR-V. Shame you have to part ways but GLWS!
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    Thank You legend-ary. I have enjoyed every minute with it, a cracking car for a family, and that bond, left arm on my sons leg, driving, singing laughing, care free motoring, great great days.
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    GLWS @colinbos, sorry to hear you are having to sell her.
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    Nice car. The DVD player etc is real bonus for the next owner. Good luck.

    What car are you thinking about buying next?
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    Alas, its going to have to be a 4x4.... I'm looking at the CR-V, or Volvo XC90 (for the extra boot space it would give us)

    I want something as reliable as what I've had, so I think it will be the CR-V.
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    UPDATE Vehicle was traded in against a Volvo XC90, the deal was to good to compete against !

    Be back soon !
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    Perfectly understandable. Good luck with the XC90. :goodluck:
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    I always used to have the smurfs did plating in my Accord.