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    Anyone had hot starting problems? The car has done 195000 miles with no major issues.
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    Starting problems! When cold?
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    Not an uncommon problem on the 2.2 I-CTDI. Usually happens because either the injector leak-back volumes have become excessive (requires re-routing of the leak-back pipework into individual containers to actually compare the flow rates to confirm) or the fuel rail over-pressure relief valve has developed a leak (following this simple DIY will check this... How to diagnose and replace a faulty over pressure relief valve on a 2006 2.2 i-CTDi - Civinfo

    If either of these two conditions occur, then the fuel pump becomes unable to achieve the pressure necessary whilst cranking... if 200 Bar (20MPa) cannot be achieved then the ECU will not signal the injectors to operate. The above-mentioned leakage paths (which result in excessive amounts of fuel from the fuel rail being returned back to the fuel tank) can make it difficult to reach 200 Bar under cranking... this will be worse when hot, as the fuel is slightly thinner and flows more easily. Eventually these faults can also cause cold starting problems as they worsen. The engine usually runs OK once started because the mechanical fuel pump is rotating fast enough to compensate for the excess leakage.

    I'd follow the advice in the link and check the rail valve first, as it's an easier task than checking the injectors (although that is pretty easy as well, but needs some care with the tubing, etc). Reading all the pages in that link will demonstrate how common this problem is.
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