Engine & Gearbox 2006 CR-V 2.2iCTDi missing a beat

Discussion in '2nd Generation (2002-2006)' started by Spud, Thursday 22nd Nov, 2012.

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    I experience what (on a petrol engine) I would call pinking; at certain revs, the engine gives off a rattle; if I accelerate, the rattle stops; it seems to be when I throttle back or am cruising around 40mph; the engine also misses a beat every so often. Any clues or cures please? The engine is on 90,000 miles and has full service history. Generally, it goes well and I'm getting around 43mpg on a combined cycle with more motorway miles than town.
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    Has your local dealer attempted to fix this issue? do you have any indication if there are any error codes aka DTC?

    On the CR-V diesels check the fuel hose that connects to rear pipe to the hand primer is not kinked or badly routed, at the time of fuel filter change it can be kinked and has been known to restriction in the fuel flow.

    You will never get a DTC code of this sort of issue , you just need to know it can happen.:Wink:
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    Does it sound anything like this? Thats the sound of the clutch in the alternator pulley mine did the same thing its all I can think of.

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    Thanks Ichiban; I'll check that for sure....I would never have thought of something so simple. But I will be going to the Honda dealer soon to have the window switch recall work done so can ask them then to look at this issue.
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    Could possibly point to a faulty injector maybe overfuelling causing the miss sound
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    Probably solved by now, but it could be a simple resonance due to a loose heat shield or similar. Hesitance might or might not be related.

    Let us know if resolved and how.
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    Spud any updated for us has your car been in for it warranty work yet ?
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    Spud, if you are still out there, I have just picked up on this thread and had a similar engine hesitation on my 2006 FR-V 2-2 I-CTDI (but not the rattle). I had the EGR valve cleaned and that helped but then went into my local Honda dealer to check on recalls and found I had an EGR valve replacement outstanding.
    The work was done this week (with a corresponding ECU update) and the engine runs a lot better. Has yours been done?
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