Body, Paint & Styling 2006 FR-V front bumper removal.

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    Hi all,

    on the promise of a pictoral review can i ask if anyone has the instructions to remove the front bumper off the FR-V?
    I need to get at my near side wing, its slightly pushed in just under the headlamp and the small gap is driving me mad !

    I may also buy the headlamp repair kit to repair the sacrificial lugs that appear to have broken off mine !
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    Anyone able to help please?
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    Don't think anyone has mentioned having removed their FR-V bumper on the forum.

    Let me see what I can find that maybe useful.
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    I'll have a look to see if I still have the instruction that came with the front lip spoiler as I had to remove the bumper to do the job, it's quite straight forward though.
    I think 2 screws either side in the wheel arch plus one each side at the bottom, black fixing clips under bonnet and it clips to the wing where they join. Can't remember if there was any brackets underneath though.
    I'll take a look later but got a feeling I binned them.
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