Backup Car 2006 Honda CR-V

2nd Generation (2002-2006) vehicle added by Eureka, Thursday 12th Mar, 2015

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    2006 Honda CR-V

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  2. nellers2001 New Member Getting Started

    Looks really nice. How do you find the spare wheel on the tailgate? That's the only thing that put us off the 2nd Generation as we live in a city and people quite often park quite close!
  3. I thought the side opening rear door and spare on the door was going to be a issue too. I guessed that was the reason Honda hade made the door glass opening too.
    I know the car hasn't been with me for long but its done pretty much all I expected it too and the rear door and spare wheel haven't caused any issues.
    So far not had anyone park so close I couldn't open the door, people tend to leave more space, certainly more that my last car.
    The side opening door and spare on the door was one of my least favourite aspects of the car as I was worried about not being able to access the rear storage area but so far no issues and I see it as being a non issue that I was worried about.
  4. Eureka updated 2006 Honda CR-V

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    I've added a few photos of the interior, bluetooth and the dvd screens that were already fitted when I bought the car.
    I have added a dashcam dvr both front and rear, they are both cheaper dashcams but both work well and I have caught some shocking things with them, including my old car being abused and damaged when at the garage for MOT.
    Its one of the things I won't do without now and plan to get a better dashcam for the front, that's along with replacing the Honda satnav for something a little different that supports my ipod/mp3s.
    I've also been doing a little tidying and fixing here and there sorting out some of the things I knew about before I bought the car and noticing a few things I hadn't noticed but are getting fixed anyway.
  5. Bones126 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    England Dave Birmingham
    Nice, like the DVD units.
  6. DVD and satnav removed.
    Just fitted a mp3 headunit for now.
    Will be updated later.
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    Sounds perfect to me, a great pity about the remote too lol :Niceone:
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  8. Just to update this with the latest bits and pieces.
    Changed the w5w sidelamp bulbs to projector type cree LED's that make and massive improvement, also fitted led's to the number plate lights and interior dome lamp as they were very dim/yellow.
    I've got my Alpine X305s fitted with a adapter that gives me a small try under the headunit that my phone sits in nicely. I am now using a alpine Bluetooth instead of the Honda unit simply because I couldn't see who was ringing with the Honda Bluetooth where the callers number/name comes up on the headunit letting me select if I want to answer the call when driving, all done via the headunit. Photos of the headunit install to follow.

    I have also finally sorted out a spare key, the car only came with one key but it was allowed in the purchase price for the new key. I got the spare key from a local locksmith he supplied the key and programmed it to the car for a lot less than the main dealer wanted.
  9. A little update, with no photos for now (digital camera is playing up & I can only source a new battery pack from China).

    MOT passed for the second time in my ownership.

    I have fitted the optional armrest storage box to the drivers seat. I had been looking for one for ages & they all went for silly prices.
    One got listed on ebay (and a thread was started on the forum) but by the time I knew it had sold.
    I did find another one (that wasn't as cheap) but it was the wrong colour. I have retrimmed it to black with some leatherette/vinyl for now to make sure we liked it fitted.

    My wife is now stitching up a set of covers for it in leather to match the standard armrest/seats & as soon as she has them done I will do the final retrim. (it looks ok now, I will try and get some photos with my mobile but the camera isn't the best.

    I am also fitting a set of window wind deflectors. I found a set of OEM/mugen deflectors going very cheap but they were in Japan so shipping may take a while.
    While I am waiting for them to arrive I might try a set of Team Heko in channel deflectors. I have had asset of team heko fitted to a previous car & they were a pain with the auto windows so will have to see.

    Also got a few plans for a reversing camera setup & a few more bits and pieces.
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  10. MickyB Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I'm looking at a set of team Heko as well. I considered Climair till I saw the prices, and as I've Heko on my accord and have had no problems with them I thought I'd go with them.