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    Showstoppin' S2000 Built in the Outskirts of Texas

    In our many travels over the years, we've covered the globe and have seen some really impressive custom built automobiles - from Honda S2000 to Datsun 510. Japan never disappoints, Canada has quite a bit of cars that capture our attention, and, of course, the good ol' USA provides some of the best builds the world over. Within our vast country, we've witnessed a variety of different styles that come from various regions; the most notable areas are states like California, Florida, the tristates, and Texas. This is, of course, looking at it from a very broad spectrum. Within these states are major cities that are heavily populated with enthusiasts and some that are not. We try to keep our scope as wide as possible, but there are times when you see some really cool builds from areas that leave you scratching your head and looking at maps to see if they really exist.

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    Wow a super clean AP2 engine bay install. It’s a very good example how to execute a clean install. Alloy wheels are down to personal preference not to my linking.