2006 ictdi starter issues

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    Hi all

    new to the group .was reading threads regarding the fuel rail and valve issues. exact the same issue. but there are no fumes in the cabin related to injector leakage
    but struggling to start and no power when driving.

    come up with crankshaft sensor error . changed sensor at local garage at a cost of 120.

    still the same issue. any suggestions for garages or local mechanics who can change the fuel rails n valve. kind regard
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    Hello @raam7129 and welcome to HondaKarma.
    A bit of history into the issue will help.. did it happen all of a sudden or were you getting symptoms before? How many miles are on the car?
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    Hello @legend-ary

    Thanks for your message. i had this car for about 2 months. on the very first morning.it did not started.so i called rac. with a jump startfrom rac it started and no issues . on the same evening it come with engine management light on. so i took that to garage and he figured it as crankshaft sensor warning .so he changed the part.( mechanic struggled to dig deep in and after a strugle he changed it). i thought happies no more issues.

    but camshaft error warning come up again with in a day. since then noticed it is always hard to start the car when it is warm.

    a few minutes ago i took to the car to the same garage again and he cleared the warning and mentioning it might be because of a loose cam chain. ( not sure how far it is true).
    Explained about the known starting issues relating to fuel rail and valve but he did not listen to that.
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    Hi @raam7129 and welcome to the forum.

    I don't think it'll be a loose/stretched cam chain (fortunately) as the primary sign of this is an awful scraping/chafing noise from the chain and guides. Mine became stretched by about 10mm before I replaced it, but I had no warning light come on (but it did sound horrible).

    Warm starting problems are often caused by the fuel rail failing to reach the necessary pressure (20MPa) during the relatively slow cranking speeds. This condition is because either the rail over-pressure valve has developed a leak, or one (or more) of the fuel injectors has developed an excessive 'leak back' condition, where the lubrication flow through the injector (which is routed back to the fuel tank) becomes too high. The leaking valve is a very common reason for warm starting problem and is an easy DIY task to diagnose and replace. Here is an excellent thread showing how to do this (unfortunately the pictures have been removed on the first post, but the explanations and later pictures should be adequate). I've had this problem and chose to buy a secondhand fuel rail from a breaker, rather than replace the valve (which can be bought from Bosch, but not Honda!)...How to diagnose and replace a faulty over pressure relief valve on a 2006 2.2 i-CTDi - Civinfo

    If it isn't this valve leaking (there should be zero output under all conditions) then the injectors will need to be investigated by rerouting all the tank returns into plastic containers and running the engine for a short period... This 'leak back test' will show which injector(s) are passing excessive flow rates compared to the others. Vidclips of this test can be found on YouTube. You can't tell if they're leaking by the smell, that only happens if the injector mounting seal (gasket) is leaking.

    All the above will be pretty routine stuff for a diesel specialist... If your guy won't listen to these suggestions then take it elsewhere. I'd recommend a Bosch service centre.
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    Hi @Zebster and @legend-ary .thanks for your replies. its very helpfull. i don't think i can do this on my own. i will get this done with the help of local garage. hope fully issue will be sorted soon.

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    Please do let us know how you get on.

    My money's on the rail over-pressure valve, but do insist that it gets tested (as described in the supplied link) rather than simply replaced as it'll cost £90/100 for the part alone! There's nothing special about the diesel system, it's a standard Bosch system, so any diesel specialist should be able to rapidly diagnose and fix this fairly common issue.
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    sure @Zebster. after reading the whole lot of threads from this forum.all the symptoms matching to valve.

    i just referred old documents related to this accord and noticed the previous owner spent an 80 to clean and fix the injector leakage. but there is no fumes inside the car.so far.
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    I'd assume that was to replace a leaking injector.gasket (not an uncommon problem). But almost certainly unrelated to this starting issue.

    If you do ever notice fumes inside the car, then a cracked exhaust manifold is a much more common reason.
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