Electrical & Lights 2006 Legend O/S tail light

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    I managed to break the glass on my drivers side tail light, I've located a used part at less than half Honda's quote (still outrageous). I am looking for any help in how to remove the existing unit and fit the replacement.

    Thanks in advance
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    Unfortunately Legend parts never come cheap. I can't advise much on the tail-light removal specifically for the Legend, but it tends to involve pulling back the carpeted piece from directly behind lights, and from there you should be able to see the bolts securing the highlight housing, wiring tends to have a loom plug or simple connectors. The exploded diagram below may help:


    Hopefully one of our Legend owners can offer more specific advice.
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    Thanks for that it may well help. Hopefully once I pull back the carpet all will become clear. Waiting on the part to be delivered before I have a look.
  4. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Hope you get the lens changed okay @JBL.
    If you have the opportunity, please post up a quick guide for other Legend members.
    Also, would love to see some photographs of her. There are many of us here that have a big soft spot for the Legend.
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    Looks like you need to remove the plastic trim piece (6 or 8) and the bolts are there.

    Older Hondas have the lights bolted in from the reverse, which can be a bit fiddly without long thin box spanners.
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    I forgot to take pics sorry. There are two bolts behind the black plastic trim. The trim just pulls off. Then there is a long bolt behind the carpet trim and also the electrical connector. The unit just pulls out. Fitting the new unit is just a reversal, very easy a 10min job.
    The hardest bit is locating the part without paying ludicrous honda prices, took a few weeks but located a used one for less than half price.
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    Did you try HH for part prices? its well worth a call.