Engine & Gearbox 2007 2.2 D ex - erratic speedo and now limp mode

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    Had from new, it was a lease and now my car. 164,500 miles.

    Current problem is what I think is a faulty speed sensor. Started to play up last week in London, heavy traffic after a 200 mile drive from Wales. Speedo wavering, sat nav not knowing where vehicle was and handbrake warning chime going off. Took to main dealer next day as was back to normal next morning and glitch free drive to Boston (100+ miles). They found no fault codes and checked all electrical connections, found no fault, charging me £90 for the privilage. Today, in traffic, same thing, eventually no speedo, management light and limp mode.

    If anyone has any idea which sensor this could be, I would be very greatful. I would prefer local garage to main dealer but it would help if I could point them in right direction. Not too impressed paying good money and nothing to show.

    Thaks in advance

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    Did it again a few days later, again in traffic, and went into limp mode. Turned out it was a loose gearbox speed sensor, it had not been clicked back into place when clutch was changed. Local garage read codes, got to the sensor, clicked it into place, cleared codes and management light and charged me £30.

    Had a visit with Honda dealer, promosed a refund of my £90, just waiting for cheque.
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    Result !

    And thanks for reported back on the forum the root cause. A lot of people forget to do this.
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    Good stuff Colin thanks for coming back,mistakes can happen and the dealer will refund you the money which is a good.