Engine & Gearbox 2008 accord i-cdti fault codes

Discussion in 'Honda N-Series' started by jonny farrell, Wednesday 5th Dec, 2012.

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    hey guys i have a 08 accord diesel that intermittently starts showing the flashing coil light and brings up on a universal diagnostic tool fault p1704 and on a delphi diagnostic tool a manufacture specfic code AF02. has anyone had these codes or problem i know the p1704 code is supposed to be common on Civics as a clutch switch fault. any help really appreciated.
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    Hey Jonny,

    Yes your hunch is right DTC P1704 is a Clutch Pedal Position Switch B Circuit Malfunction. There was a ECU update one the few hundred for the diesel accord which cured the red herring false positive alerting.

    You may want to get your local dealer check if your car VIN number has an outstanding ECU updates and particularly this to fix the false reporting.

    How many times have you cleared this error so far and how quickly does it take for it to come back.
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    hi ichiban thanks for coming back to me i have erased the fault twice the flashing coil can go on and go off itself without pluging in and deleting the fault im goin to go to the dealer in the morning as i get on very well with the garage foreman. they are new to honda so what do you think i should say to him regarding the ECU update and is there any chance the clutch switch might be faulty thanks.