Body, Paint & Styling 2009 Honda Accord Front seat cushion leather cover loose causes sound.

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    Honda released this TSB way back in August 2008 for all 2009 Model year production CU1, CU2 & CU3 . This did not affect Tourers, seats are every so different

    TSB Number HUK000000001152

    The Symptom
    The inboard front seat cushion cover hook strips may release from the seat frame when pressure is applied to the bolster nearest the centre console causing a creak.

    The Cause
    Insufficient holding force of cover hook strips

    The Fix

    The below temporary fix announced in 2008 no permanently fix announced till date.

    The Repair Method

    To increase the retention force of the hook strip, apply a piece of adhesive backed wool felt to the seat frame.
    Apply a 60mm x 25mm piece of wool felt tape on the seat frame where the hook strip attaches to the frame. (Both front seats inside)

    1. Tilt the steering wheel all the way up, and telescope it all the way in.

    2. Slide the front seat all the way forward, and remove the seat track outer end covers (A) and seat track inner
    end covers (B) from the back of both seat tracks.

    seat image 2.
    3. Remove the rear bolts.

    seat image 3.
    4. Slide the front seat all the way back, and remove the front bolts.

    seat image 4.

    5. Apply the felt of specified size to the seat frame.

    seat image 5.

    The Installation Process

    • Install the seat in the reverse order of removal, and note these items.
    • Apply medium strength liquid thread lock to the seat mounting bolts before re-installation.
    • Tighten the bolts by hand first, then tighten them to specification with a torque wrench.
    • Tighten the seat mounting bolts to the specified torque in the sequence shown.
    • Slide the seat all the way back and tighten the front mounting bolts, then slide it forward and tighten the rear mounting bolts.

    seat image 6.

    The passenger seat also has to be done.
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    Thanks - I have experienced this issue in my car!
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