Introductions 2009 Type-S manual. Air conditioning not working

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    Hi Everyone,

    Have had this my third diesel Accord Tourer almost 12 months and would reccomend it mainly due to the extra 30bhp but during some rare warm weather put the air con on and noticed air coming from vents was not cold.

    Took to air con specialist who said gas was ok but compressor not coming in. Car was due for a service anyway so left and asked usual garage to have a look at it. They said the compressor was seized and a new copy one £375 around £600 fitted.

    Not had done yet but have noticed used compressors online from £150 up.

    Problem is identifying which one is fitted to my car as i can't see the part number. Can anyone help me with this?

    Thanks for reading

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    Have you tried calling Honda to see what they say. A company that prides them selves on reliability may go out their way to help considering the cars age.