Fuel Efficiency 2011 Accord 2.2 i-Dtec ES GT Mpg Max 40mpg? Or something else!

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    Hi Every,

    I am new to this forum and I really need your help. I just bought a used 2011 Accord 2.2 I-DTEC ES GT auto with just 4k on the clock with the hope that my MPG will be around the combined 46mpg as I do 80% of my daily journey on the motorway. I have been driving this lovely car for a few days now but to my amazement, I barely make 40mpg on it despite driving 60-70mph and not exceeding the legal speed limit. Is this a general observation with this diesel engine? Or is something wrong with the car?

    I have less than 10 days to decide if I am keeping the car or not. Hence your opinion, based on experience will go a long way in helping me with my decision.

    Kindly Help!!!

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    Hi Alexa and welcome
    Since i don't drive diesel i can't say for sure but 40mpg does seem a bit low.
    I manage that in my 2.4 if i take it easy 60-70 on motorway but let wait for some diesel drivers to give you their figures.
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    If it's an auto that will zap a fair bit of the MPG but i was getting more then that in an older high mileage less refined engine. With the style of driving you are doing I would expect a little more but doubt you'd get 48mpg. My 7th Generation averages just under 45mpg and thats a manual on about 60% motorway and rest running kids around. On a pure motorway run my car averages 55+MPG. If you cruise at 65mph what instant MPG are you getting?
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    Paul, thank you so much. I might try cruising @ 65 miles tomorrow and see where that gets me on the MPG. Other 2.2 I-DTEC owners, please help!!!!!!!
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    Your first problem is that the car is an auto. I have the same 2.2 I-DTEC but manual, and like you, do 90% plus on m-ways. I regularly get between 55-70mpg, depending on how hard I plant my foot.

    Economy can be achieved, just not with an auto sadly. There's nothing wrong with the car, except that its an auto - if you can swap to a manual I-DTEC, then do it.
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    :Hey:and welcome to AOC, Alexa. I think you can achieve higher fuel efficiency on the diesel auto but it involves a lot of discipline and how you much you open the throttle. if you master the ginger control and use the engine torque curve you will achieve higher efficient than a manual. Then the 8th Generation auto box is a traditional torque converter they do lose energy.

    However i find the diesel auto a amazing car to drive , the manual is good but if you are in a fun mood then auto box has more smiles than the manual box.

    What mode do you drive your car in D or S mode. try both and see what makes a difference, lastly the brakes on a auto do take a lot of abuse always make sure they are not binding they play havoc with fuel efficiency.
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    Thank you Saja. Ichiban, you immense contribution and advise is deeply appreciated thank you. I always drive in D mode and have never tried S mode. I will try S mode and see if it makes any difference.
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    Whats the difference between D and S?? S = Sport???
  9. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    D Drive S Sports with manual change using flappy pedals on the steering. F1 stylee.:Grin:
  10. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    No Problem keep us posted.
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    My advice would be to be very careful about the revs, as there is no direct lockup in top gear you can lose efficiency easily if you let the revs sit just a little above the minimum needed to maintain speed. The car doesn't accelerate but the torque converter slip increases a bit and you simply stir around the fluid and heat it up.

    With my previous auto (not a Honda) I found that the cruise control could do this far better than my right foot, although as time goes on you do get better at it.

    For info, my 8th Generation Accord Tourer DTEC manual gives 46-48mpg on a 65 mile daily commute with about 1/3 at 40 to 50mph and 2/3 at 70mph. At about 55mph the consumption display shows about one bar below the 60mph mark. The average trip display shows about 45mpg.

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    Thanks everyone for the brilliant piece of advice. I will keep them in mind. In summary, what I am hearing is that 40mpg is not unheard of in this model and transmission but I should personally find a way to manage it to get better result. Many thanks
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    So will you be swapping or sticking with it???
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    Thanks guys. I think I am going to stick with it and be more discipline with my driving. Really, I appreciate you all.
  15. There is a story doing the rounds in this weekend's papers about tests carried out by Emissions Analytics to check official consumption figures and some results have been published........

    These were in today's Sunday Times.......

    Official m.p.g. first, m.p.g. as per the tests second:

    Kia Picanto 1.0 2 - 67.3, 41.2

    VW Golf 1.6 TDI 105 BlueMotion 74.3, 51.8

    Renault Grand Scenic 1.6 dCi 130 64.2, 48.6

    Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 104g 70.6, 46.0

    Obviously I've not done these tests myself so I don't know which figures are and aren't right.
  16. The difference comes from the way the two tests are carried out apparently.
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    Average city driving: 31-34mpg.
    Motorway 40mpg at 80-90mph.
    55 at 65-70mph
    Your's isn't bad.

    One more thing: using ACC in traffic (motorway traffic off course :Smile: - increase consumption .
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    Re: Service schedule and procedures?

    I have been to Hatfield and back to Leeds today with cruise control on at 70 I have averaged 34 MPG if I didn't use cruise control then it would have been closer to 37MPG.As sev has already said correctly ACC accelerates and de-accelerates dependent on the traffic and it will consume more fuel, but its a good tool worth the little extra fuel it uses.

    I have done 357 miles today and was fresh as a daisy no fatigue you have to love how good the Accord is in munching up miles.
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    Thank you Sev and Ichiban. Your wise words humbly noted.
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    Fully agree!!!