Honda Tuning Magazine 2011 Acura TSX / Honda Accord (CU2) - Challenge Accepted

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    The 2nd Generation TSX doesn't get nearly as much attention as its older brother, this makes it the perfect basis for a stand-out build

    Honda building can sometimes feel like an old choose-your-own-adventure book. While some pick one route because it might be a little easier, others like the challenge and opt for an alternate path. For example, option one, the easy route: Purchase a popular platform with plenty of aftermarket support from companies competing for consumer dollars and consistent development, and you can enjoy a wide selection of parts, oftentimes at more affordable prices. Option two, the more difficult route: Choose a car with little to no aftermarket support, and you'll find that there are very few, if any, businesses producing parts, leaving many to hunt down parts that are rare, made-to-order, or custom. Due to the lack of market competitors, these tend to be more expensive. Most modifications consist of one-off solutions and option two is exactly how Daniel Sandoval of Lawrence, Massachusetts, chose to go about things when he picked up a '11 TSX. As he puts it, "I'm the type of person who likes to be different and have things that others don't."


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