Honda Tuning Magazine 2011 Honda CR-Z EX - Collector's Edition

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    Ever seen a CR-Z sporting just about every Mugen part available for the ZF chassis?

    The Honda CR-Z has yet to prove itself as a strong tuning platform within the Honda community. While they are stylish and resemble the legendary CR-X of old, enthusiasts just haven't bought the idea that a hybrid is "cool." The hybrid motor and giant battery under the hood is a deterrent and people tend to shy away from attempting to turn an enviro-friendly green machine into a full-on project. Even if you did, it still isn't very cost-effect to do so. The car itself is still young and they aren't exactly affordable in comparison to older Hondas that are easier to acquire and build upon. A K-swap is certainly possible if you intend to make the car faster, but that too is not the easiest task to pull off, nor is it remotely cheap.

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