Body, Paint & Styling 2012 CR-V body mods

Discussion in '3rd Generation (2006-2012)' started by Carper1804, Saturday 21st May, 2016.

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    Anybody know the best place to get some body modifications to add to my 2012 CR-V. Chrome bits etc.
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    Thanks for the reminder @SpeedyGee

    The only thing I could recommend would be any genuine Honda accessories, but I'm not sure there were ever that many 'chrome type bits' for the 3rd Generation.

    @Carper1804 which generation of CR-V do you have? As you say 2012 it could be 3rd or 4th Generation, and there are a few more genuine accessories for the 4th Generation - chrome strip for the rear tailgate, bottoms of the doors etc.

    :garage: - as it really helps us to help you.
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    Direct 4x4 do quite a few chrome bits for all generation CR-Vs
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    I bought loads for mine off ebay. Some are good some not so much. Check out my project log.
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    I'd did buy the chrome trunk protector from direct 4x4 and it does its job perfectly. Honda stuff will fit better but will cost a he'll of a lot more, plus there's not many options in the UK anyway. Unfortunately when your just a poor factory worker like me, ebay is my first choice.
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    It's a gen3 model. You guys know if any body kits available. Seen a couple of gen3 models with different style bumpers.