Tyres & Wheels 2012 EX Standard 17" wheels - finish problems

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    Washed my car today, noticed that the finish on all four alloys is starting to degrade. The lacquer seems to be lifting around the edges of all of the wheels, with marks like water has got in under the finish and a few small bubbles starting to form too. They haven't been kerbed, and this is different to kerb damage (not that I've ever kerbed an alloy myself, obviously :Whistle:

    Took it down to my local dealer, who noted that they had seen this before but not for quite a while and not on the newer Accords. They took a few photos and straight away submitted a claim to Honda for replacement - will know whether authorised in a few days.

    I have seen comments around similar issues with these wheels before (having searched for ages I can't find the thread though!!)...but not on newer cars - mine is a 2012 Ex with only 18k miles, so surprised to see the problems as thought they were sorted.

    Fingers crossed will be quickly sorted, dealer was (as usual) very helpful and attentive so sure they will do what they can...I'll let you know the outcome as soon as I know.
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    Have you any pics of the wheels?
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    I have on one of my wheels the same. But with me it's differenct in this way that the car has 75k km (2011), 16 inches, and the wheels shows damage because of changing from summer to winter wheels and other way around (no kerbing, and bought as such second hand). Believe this will never be accepted as warranty, allthough the damage is at the rim edge, and the bubble is middle of a spoke. Guess that no matter how small the damage is, on any place under the lacquer corrosion may appear.
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    As the dealer found out, it doesn't show up too well on pics, as the "damage" is just a slightly lighter coloured silver where the lacquer has lifted.

    As my car is now nice and shiny :Happy: I'll see if a) I can get some decent pics in the morning and b) if I have the technical capability to upload them!!
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    Sorry I haven't managed pictures yet, but have a very positive update.

    Honda dealer called yesterday to say that 4 new wheels have arrived, just waiting to be fitted under warranty. Whole process took less than a week, no fuss, just excellent customer service all round.

    Another good reason for buying a Honda...:Thumbup:
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    I told you they will replace them :Wink: