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    The latest Honda Civic has always been a bridesmaid in its class, trailing the VW Golf and Ford Focus. One of the key reasons for this was the lack of a super-frugal, sub-100g/km diesel engine. This new 1.6-litre I-DTEC is the answer to that.

    Honda reckons it’s the lightest and most refined engine in its class, not to mention the cleanest, with impressive headline figures of 94g/km and 78.5mpg.

    What’s the 2013 Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC like to drive?
    There is a noticeable diesel grumble that permeates the cabin under all but the lightest acceleration, and things get clattery if you rev it hard.


    Next to many other small diesel engines in the class, however, this new 1.6 I-DTEC is more refined and also a little more flexible.

    It picks up revs smoothly and willingly, and delivers its peak torque of 258lb ft through a fairly broad rev range.


    That said, you’ll still need to regularly reach for the six-speed manual gearbox (also new, and with a pleasantly short throw) to get the very best out of the engine, and it won’t hold very low revs as happily as some rivals.

    Turn in to a corner, and you can feel the benefit of the engine’s lightness; the Civic changes direction sharply and grips well.


    Comfort is also improved over the 2.2-litre diesel Civic, with the lighter front-end allowing for softer bump absorption and a more settled, if still not flawless, ride over most surfaces.

    The steering is a touch remote and overly sensitive at motorway speeds.

    What’s the 2013 Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC like inside?
    Like any other Civic, which means it’s quirky and interesting, but quite poor ergonomically.

    Many drivers will find the speedo is partially obscured by the steering wheel. Meanwhile, rear visibility is awful and the sat-nav unit still suffers from an overabundance of fiddly buttons, even though the colour touch-screen itself is perfectly adequate.


    Equipment is very good through the range, although it’s a shame you have to fork out for the top-spec £23,175 EX model to get a DAB radio as standard.

    Other standard features on the EX include sat-nav, leather seats and front and rear parking sensors, but even the entry-level, £19,400 SE model gets climate control, Bluetooth, a USB socket and steering-wheel-mounted audio controls.

    A further £1195 for mid-spec ES ups the speaker count to six, and adds cruise control and auto headlights.

    All models get a comprehensive list of safety kit, including hill-start assist and eight airbags.

    Should I buy one?
    If you value the quirkiness of the Honda Civic’s styling enough to sacrifice some of the visibility and straightforward ease of use on offer elsewhere, then it’s definitely worth considering.

    It betters the Volkswagen and Ford equivalents both in terms of performance and emissions, and makes financial sense as both a private and company buy.

    True, it still lags behind key rivals if driver reward is a priority for you, but this is easily the best Civic model thanks to one of the best engines in any eco-hero hatchback.

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    Diesel clatter what do expect whatcar.:Unknown: The car has to be light for c02 and fuel efficiency. NVH does not lower the cars c02 branding and today corporates demand it.

    Honda diesels DO clatter they still have very minimal noise insulation compared to others if you love diesel you live with it ...if you can't you buy a petrol for pin drop silence.
  3. What's the magic 0-60?
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    Drum roll please.........

    A massive 10.2 seconds
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    Sorry, but I have NO respect for a word this stupid bint says.

    I mean, just have a look at the drivel she wrote here about the Accord:

    Honda Accord Type-S Review | Autocar

    This is one woman that truly should NOT have been let out of the kitchen. Send her to Afghanistan where her backward brain functionality can join the backward inbred Taliban. Match made in heaven.
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  6. A bit lukewarm compared to Clarkson's glowing review of it.

    Average? :Rolf:
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    That's what I like about Saj ..no nonsense straight talking criticisms.. Why do feedback when we can be frank....