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    The Honda CR-Z has been given a mild face-lift for 2013, with prices for the sporty hybrid starting at £20,550.

    Mechanically, the CR-Z's 1.5-litre petrol engine gets more power – with tweaks to the ECU and the variable valve timing system – boosting output by 7bhp to 119bhp. The IMA hybrid system also gets more power, with the addition of a new lithium ion battery, which helps to increase combined power output to 135bhp.

    With this boost in power, the CR-Z's 0-62 mph time falls from 10.0 seconds to 9.1 seconds for the Sport model and from 10.1 seconds down to 9.5 seconds for the GT. The top speed remains at 124 mph.

    Despite the additional power, the CR-Z's fuel economy and CO2 emissions remain the same as the outgoing model. Average economy is 56.5mpg and 116g/km for Sport versions, while the GT offers 54.3mpg and 122g/km of CO2.

    The revised CR-Z also gets a new Sport Plus (S+) boost system – activated by a steering wheel-mounted button – which provides up to 10 seconds of electric-powered boost to acceleration.

    The 2013 Honda CR-Z will cost from £20,550

    Honda has also updated the CR-Z's styling, with a new front bumper, revised front grille and new alloys. GT models will now come with 17-inch alloys. Two new exterior colours will also be available in the form of Aurora Violet and Energetic Yellow.

    Inside, Honda has made subtle changes to the colour scheme and improvements to cabin storage with revisions to the door cards.

    Prices start from £20,550 for the Sport variant and rise to £23,050 for range-topping GT cars. Order books are open now.

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    CR-Z made in Japan will Honda UK promote this car since it not made in Swindon or will the Strong yen be used as the excuse if this car does not do well.

    Good on Honda to refine it and make it a better car, shame as this car will never get the marketing support it needs.