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    Just to be a bit different, Honda South Africa have just launched the 2014 Ballade. This is now the 7th Generation of Ballade sold in South Africa. Sold as the 2014 Honda City in other markets. Like the City the Ballade is based on the new Jazz/Fit. The Ballade name has been used since 1980 for locally manufactured cars.
    Flickr link to my brochures, good point of reference for accessories, equipment and tech specs.
    Honda Ballade 7th Generation South Africa Brochure 2014 - an album on Flickr
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  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    That would sell over here too.
    Why don't they pull their finger out ?
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    Agreed. Honda have such a lot of great models for sale in other parts of the world and here in the UK we are left with (basically) 4 models. When you look back at old range brochures from the 90's the range was fantastic, something for everyone.

    Pretty poor show, yet other countries get the Brio. Mobilio, Odyssey, Jade, Crider, Freed and City to name a few.

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    The range is just too small over here.
    They have so many great cars, it's madness we don't have them.

    There must be something else going on, or is it because of something that happened with the Rover deal years ago ?
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    Something else is going on.... HUK have too much control and are therefore only supporting Swindon products with the great risk of us arriving (imminently) at total Honda destruction in UK and Europe. :Epic Fail:

    They can't face up to the Japan made Honda competition and superiority so are stamping these out to hopefully sell more Civic and CR-V.... well it aint working as the sales figures clearly show. The fact that numerous loyal Accord owners on here openly debate at length what they will get to replace their Accords when the time comes if there is no replacement model Accord speaks volumes.

    Let's see how they treat the new (Mexican built?) Jazz.... :Wassat:

    The range is too small. For example why oh why was the FR-V pulled and not replaced? There is a massive market they've turned their backs on and the FR-V was a better choice than most of that segment as it was one of the few 6 seaters. CMAX Megane Scenic etc. just being 5 seaters and therefore offering little more practicality wise than their hatch counterparts.
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    Re: FR-V - I assume that Honda believe the current CR-V fills the MPV gap in the range (so one car for two markets), but I'm not so sure. If it had seven seats like so many competitors, then perhaps. And why no extra two seats at the back of the CR-V? For the love of God, there has to be enough room back there, the boot is huge!

    I don't understand the HUK strategy either. It should be relatively simple - create products, market and advertise products, sell products. Much as I like the CR-V (and convinced my sister to buy one as it suited what she needs) I just can't bring myself to really want it as it doesn't fulfill exactly what I need and want. I need a car to cover motorway miles in, and for that, the Accord is perfect.

    Somewhere else on here yesterday I said I went to see a Kia Optima - and what a pleasant surprise. The KIA showroom looks like a Honda showroom did a few years ago, with a full range. Want a city car? Let me show you the Picantio, sir. An MPV? Step this way for the Carens. A comfy saloon? I'll organise a test drive in an Optima for you. A Golf competitor? Why, have you seen our Ceed? How about an SUV? Small (Sportage) or large (Sorrento) - we have all bases covered...

    With interior quality and equipment levels like I saw yesterday, a seven year warranty, and a full range, it was easy for me to see why they had been so successful in recent years. It frustrates me to see that Honda look to have abandoned whole segments to others who can, and are, make a success of them.
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