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    Release date: Friday, April 12th, 2013

    New model: Based on the popular dual-purpose CRF250L, with revised suspension, uprated front brake and 17-inch wheels with wider road tyres, the new CRF250M offers accessible Supermoto performance, design and attitude.

    1 Introduction
    2 Model overview
    3 Key features
    4 Technical specifications

    1. Introduction
    A Supermoto (or Motard) starts out as an off-road bike but combines the best qualities of both dirt and street motorcycles; the slim build, manoeuvrability, supple long-travel suspension and durability of the off-roader with the braking, cornering ability and nimble steering delivered by a road bike. The resulting machine creates the perfect tool for both effortless city navigation and apex carving thrills on a tight, twisty road.The Honda CRF250L, launched in 2012, reintroduced the true multi-role, dual-purpose motorcycle: a bike equally capable in the rough as on the street. For 2013, joining the CRF250L – based on its platform and building on its success – is the new CRF250M, an affordable Supermoto built with both fun and practicality in mind.

    2. Model Overview
    Designed to stand out from the urban crowd, the CRF250M combines tough performance credentials with a bold style and is aimed to appeal to the young rider looking for something different. Its high build quality, low running costs and sheer all-round usefulness, also make it an attractive proposition not just to new riders, but to those with more experience in search of an entertaining diversion.Based on the CRF250L, the CRF250M sits 20mm lower, thanks to revised front and rear suspension with heavier weight springs; and with 17 inch wheels fitted with wider road tyres, plus a more powerful front brake, the CRF250M is ready to tear up the tarmac. Its free revving single-cylinder engine provides crisp, instant response thanks to revised gearing, whilst also offering both impressive fuel economy and punchy power and torque delivery.

    3. Key Features

    3.1 Engine
    The CRF250M’s liquid-cooled DOHC engine produces smooth and consistent torque at low RPM while its short stroke (76.0mm bore x 55.0mm stroke) ensures excellent performance at higher RPM. The result is a well-balanced and usable delivery throughout the entire rev-range. Maximum power output is 17.0kW @ 8,500rpm with torque of 22.0Nm @ 7,000rpm.A compact, low friction roller/rocker arm and cylinder head plus PGM-FI injection system with 36mm throttle bore (fed by a 5.7L airbox) ensure combustion efficiency. Compression ratio is 10.7:1 and the engine delivers 34.0km/L (96mpg) (WMTC), giving over 150 miles range from its 7.7L fuel tank. The six-speed gearbox drives a 39T rear sprocket; taller gearing than the CRF250L allows for the change in wheel diameter and produces more relaxed cruising at higher speeds.An offset cylinder reduces internal frictional losses as does the piston, with its special surface material and molybdenum coating. The crank journal uses a half-split, press-fit metal bearing while the crank bearing employs a cast-iron bush. This reduces weight and makes for a smoother engine performance, strengthening the rigidity of the case housing and minimizing the internal diameter change due to thermal expansion. A primary balance shaft reduces vibration.

    Comfortably dealing with Euro III emissions regulations, an O2 Lambda sensor works in conjunction with a secondary air injection system; the catalyzer is sited inside the exhaust muffler.

    3.2 Chassis
    The frame’s steel twin oval-section main spars and semi-double cradle plus the subframe, tapered aluminium swing arm, top and bottom bridge and Pro-Link rear suspension linkages wear stealthy black paint. The 1,446mm wheelbase is matched to 25°45’ rake and 71mm trail; seat height is 855mm and the CRF250M has a kerb weight of 145kg.Complementing the blacked-out frame and detailing, the 43mm Showa inverted fork wears a black Alumite surface finish. Heavier weight springs are used for more effective on-road performance; the single tube (with 40mm diameter cylinder) Showa rear shock also employs a heavier spring.A large, 296mm floating front disc and twin-piston caliper (mounted to the fork via a new bracket) provide superb stopping power and control, as does the rear 220mm disc and single-piston caliper. The spoked front wheel (17 x 2.75) wears a 110/70-17 tyre, the rear (17 x 3.50) a 130/70-17 tyre. The plastic fork protectors remain in place, with re-sited brake line fixing points; the side stand is also shorter in length, in response to the bike’s lower overall stance.Derived from the competition CRF-R range, the CRF250M’s sinuous lines are enhanced with new graphics. Two paint options are available: Black and Extreme Red. Thanks to its off-road DNA, it’s a narrow machine, with plenty of room to move forward or back on the seat. The upright riding position also ensures great all-round visibility while the combination of sharp steering geometry and leverage provided by the handlebars guarantee traffic-busting ease.The digital instrument cluster contains a fuel meter, with built-in clock and twin trip functions. The CRF-inspired headlight visor protects the instruments and houses an H4 60W/55 bulb.

    4. Technical Specifications

    Type: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC
    Displacement: 250cc
    Bore x Stroke: 76.0mm x 55.0mm
    Compression Ratio: 10.7 : 1
    Max. Power Output: 17.0kW @ 8,500rpm
    Max. Torque: 22.0Nm @ 7,000rpm
    Oil Capacity: 1.8L

    Carburation: Programmed fuel injection system (PGM-FI)
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.7L
    Fuel Consumption: 34.0km/L (96mpg) (WMTC)

    Starter: Self-starter
    Battery Capacity: 12V - 6Ah (10h)
    ACG Output: 12V - 24A @ 5,000rpm
    Clutch Type: Wet multiplate with coil springs
    Transmission Type: 6 speed
    Final Drive: Chain

    Type: Semi-double cradle

    Dimensions: (LxWxH): 2,127mm x 815mm x 1,147mm
    Wheelbase: 1,446mm
    Caster Angle: 25°45’
    Trail: 71mm
    Seat Height: 855mm
    Ground Clearance: 226mm
    Kerb Weight: 145kg
    Turning Radius: 2.2m

    Front: Telescopic
    Rear: Pro-Link

    Front: Wire Spoke
    Rear: Wire Spoke
    Rim Size:
    Front: 17 x MT2.75
    Rear: 17 x MT3.50

    Front:110/70-17M/C 54S
    Rear: 130/70-17M/C 62S
    Front: 296mm hydraulic disk
    Rear: 220mm hydraulic disk

    Headlight: Hi : 60W x 1 / Low : 55W x 1
    Taillight: 5W x 1

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