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    As I own a 2014MY CR-V, but have had a 2015MY as a courtesy car for a month, I thought it might be useful to note some of the differences between the two models, and some of my opinions on them.

    There is already some information that may be useful on these threads:

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    It goes without saying that a lot of this (indeed, most of it!) is opinion, but having lived with both I would like to think I've been balanced...but not necessarily right!

    The main changes for the 2015MY here are front and rear treatments, and the styling of the wheels. The basic body panels are the same.

    Personally, I much prefer the front of the 2015MY, with it looking far more purposeful. The rear treatment is less successful, with more body colour on the bumper and a chrome strip between the rear lights, which I think looks brash when compared to the gloss black of the 2014MY.

    I really don't like the wheels on the 2015MY SR & EX, as to me they don't suit the car as much as the previous versions. Lower down the range (S & SE) the changes are more successful IMHO.

    No changes that I can think of here, except that the lid has been removed from the cup holders in the front centre console on 2015MY cars. The 2014MY thus looks much neater, BUT in the 2015MY it is easier to actually use the cup holders.

    This is likely to be the most contentious area. The 2015MY has the Honda "Connect" system, replacing the older Honda HFT/Navigation unit.

    First, the looks - the Connect system looks like an aftermarket unit in the dash, whereas the 2014MY version is properly integrated. Second, if you use CDs, the Connect system is not as convenient, as the whole unit has to pivot out in order for you to access the (single) slot.

    In terms of functionality, I have found the Connect to be quite slow to respond to inputs and you need to be very exact when hitting the touchscreen icons, which can be quite small. It is also trickier to pair 'phones and download 'phonebooks. Similarly, tuning the radio is a more complex process, although both of these activities are likely to be infrequent.

    The navigation system on Connect is (I believe) a Garmin unit, and looks far more up to date than the previous version, but in general use not being able to have the turn by turn on the "top" screen as well as on the unit itself is a step backwards IMHO. The big PLUS is that it will be able to be updated without the expensive discs from the previous version.

    BUT - and it is a big BUT - Connect has a lot more in terms of clever tech, with the ability to download "apps" and suchlike. That doesn't appeal to me personally, but I can see it being a big selling point if you need/like that type of functionality, and it brings Honda more into line with other marques.

    Other than the addition of the 9 speed auto gearbox and updated 1.6 I-DTEC engine I haven't been able to tell any difference between the 2.0litre petrol/autos that I have had, so can't and won't comment.

    Hopefully those musings may be of some use to anybody looking at a choice between the two versions...but do feel free to add your opinions and experiences to this thread.
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    Some interesting observations @FirstHonda. Thank you for doing this.

    I share your opinion about the alloys and front.
    The ability to use apps and hopefully cheaper map updates will, I believe, be more appealing to many buyers. Time will tell
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    Just to note that in the July issue of What Car? they road test the new 1.6 I-DTEC with the 9 speed auto gearbox - and in the review they note that the "Connect" system has quite a long delay between pressing an icon and the system responding - exactly what I found.

    Given how quick most technology is these days, it feels like something they need to sort with the second generation of the system. Younger users won't be impressed I'd guess.
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    Nor are the more mature members of society. :wheelchair:
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    Some of us aren't impressed and are glad to not have it at all. I have a phone and an Atlas. All I need ta.:notforme:

    Anyway, my 6th Generation Accord went into Honda's for its 13th MOT today, one Month after its 16th birthday. Whilst there I had a look around the showroom.
    The CR-V seems no different inside to my '13 model so no thoughts here. Outside I agree that the wheels do not look right on either model, and the ones on the EX were 19" with Yokohama tyres (have Michelin been dropped?). Looking along the side to the front the tops of the headlights seem to now extend above the main sweep of the bodyline. Didn't like that. I do like the new front grill, but not enough not to like the old one as well. My '13 reg has a smile on the front; this one seems more miserable, almost angry.
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