Daily Driver 2015 CR-V 1.6 i-Dtec EX

4th Generation (2013-2017) vehicle added by ILikeJam, Monday 6th Apr, 2015

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    Thought I'd start my own thread now instead of continuing to hijack the '1.6 or 2.2' thread.

    As I said over there, I'd been offered an amazing deal on a new 2014MY 2.2 I-DTEC EX and had agreed to go and pick it up from the other end of the country. Unfortunately the car was held up on delivery and wasn't available to pick up on the day I could have gone, so I was having to wait another week to go and get it.

    Within a couple of hours of getting the call saying the car was delayed, one of the other dealers I'd been in contact with called me up to say that they would match the deal I was getting, but on a 2015MY 1.6 EX - as long as I accepted it that day. Needless to say I did... :Grin:

    I hadn't signed anything with the first dealer, so was able to cancel the sale and get my deposit back with no hassle (obviously I didn't tell them why!). Some people believe that everything happens for a reason and I'm starting to come round to that way of thinking. From my annoyance at not getting the car last week, I've gone to overjoyed with this beauty!

    This is the only pic I've got just now, but will get more up soon. Also have a few extras in the planning - splash guards and side steps being the most obvious ones.

    Absolutely chuffed to pieces with it, and completely bamboozled with the entertainment system! I'm sure I'll get there though.

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    Looks absolutely fantastic, I'm not surprised that your chuffed to pieces with it.

    +1 for request for some more pictures :Grin:
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    Sounds like an excellent deal
    Nice one
    Looks well from the pic. Look forward to reading your progress with it.
    Happy motoring
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    First impressions are very good - very quiet, smooth and refined when compared to my previous Kia Sportage. I said in another thread that the 1.6 felt a bit breathless when I did a test drive. Whilst that's true in that it feels breathless, it's actually deceptively fast - both me and the wife have commented on how we had been creeping up to 85mph on the motorway without even realising it. Very understated with no drama. The Kia was really just a pumped up hatchback on stilts (not a bad thing by any means), whereas this is definitely a lot more of a big, comfortable cruiser - the 1 series BMW it's parked next to on the drive now feels like a go-kart by comparison!

    Doesn't have any of the extra Sensing or Driver Assist gadgets so can't comment on them, though the model I test drove was surprisingly accurate at reading speed limit signs.

    The Garmin Nav is, well, a Garmin Nav so works well. It helps that I've previously had one so was able to just dive straight into using it. The 'showing you what lane you should be in' feature will be handy I'm sure.

    The entertainment system is quite a lot to get your head around at first. It doesn't seem the most intuitive of systems - changing radio stations seems to be quite a drawn out process with several steps involved - but I'll give it time yet before making up my mind. I've not even begun to look at the internet radio or apps yet, but looking forward to having a play about. It helps that the car is picking up the wifi signal from the house so I won't have to use all my data allowance by connecting through my phone all the time!
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    When I picked it up I had a 100 mile drive home on the M90/A90 including stop-start Good Friday traffic when the road goes through Dundee. Averaged 37.6 MPG with the cruise control set at 75 for most of the journey and Econ on. Sat Nav and radio on for the duration and playing about with heated seats etc at various points.