Detailing 2015 CR-V : White Orchid Pearl

Discussion in 'Detailing & Cleaning' started by FirstHonda, Monday 25th May, 2015.

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    Not to mention the fact that the door fit is perfect...:Grin:
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    :nodding: :clap:
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    I've actually become slightly obsessed about door fit, now looking in car parks and traffic jams all the time. I need help (no surprise there!).

    This week, I've seen the exact same issue i.e. the front door sitting higher than the rear door, highlighted by a chrome strip on:

    - A brand new Skoda Superb, but not on a brand new Octavia delivered at the same time.
    - A new Jaguar XF, which had the worst fit I've seen. Truly shocking, must have been 3-4 mm 'proud' of where it should have been...
    - Mercedes E-Class
    - BMW 520d
    - Various Vauxhalls, with the new Astra being especially poor in this regard (but no worse than many CR-Vs I've seen)

    Ford and, much as I hate to say this - Audi, seem to have the best fit from my totally unscientific survey...:Laughing:
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    Gave the CR-V a quick clean this morning, taking advantage of the lovely Spring weather...:Laughing:

    I used a product that I haven't been full of praise for before - the Bilt-Hamber quick detailer - but today I have to say it has given a great finish, with a good depth to the shine which isn't easy on white (as I'm finding).

    Wheels done with 'Bouncers - Looking Sweet' wheel wax, which I'm very impressed with. :Thumbup:

    IMG_0428. IMG_0430. IMG_0431.
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    Looking superb @FirstHonda :Thumbup:

    I'm not even finding time to wash my cars these days :Frown:
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  6. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

    I find cleaning my cars much cheaper than therapy...:shock:
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    nice, CR-V is a really nice shape - great colour choice too!
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    Me too :shh:
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    I phoned a therapy helpline once, to try and get help for my ocd...

    The menu said,

    "Welcome to the therapy helpline.

    For help with ocd press 1. Then press 1 again. Then press 1 again...
    For help with depression, press any number. Nobody is going to answer.
    For help with multiple personality disorder, press whichever number the little voice in your head tells you to.
    For help with paranoia, please stay on the line so we can trace your call. We know where you live."

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    A Spring clean today, taking advantage of the lovely weather and trying hard not to concentrate on Watford doing the unthinkable and beating Arsenal at The Emirates in the FA Cup...that was a nerve shredding final few minutes of radio commentary!


    Anyway, match won (We're the famous Watford FC and we're off to Wembley..WEM-BER-LEY, WEM-BER-LEY etc.) I thought I'd post a couple of pictures as a tribute to an old friend. My pot of P21s wax - well over ten years old - finally ran out this afternoon. It's final act was to give a nice shine to my CR-V!

    Products used:

    Wash - Chemical Guys Citrus
    Glass - Autoglym Fast Glass
    Paintwork - Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover
    Paintwork - P21s (original) followed by Dodo Red Mist Protection Detailer
    Wheels - Bouncers Looking Sweet
    Tyres - Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel
    Plastic trim - Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel
    Chrome (front grille and exhaust finisher) - Autoglym Metal Polish

    White isn't the easiest colour to get a deep, reflective, shine on - it actually looks better in the flesh than in the 'photos - but I'm pretty happy. And also sad to see my P21s finally gone.:Sorry:

    By the way, did I mention that Watford beat Arsenal and are off to Wembley?!:Hooray:
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    I see both of us spent the day cleaning cars lol.
    Oh and well done Watford. Will you be going to Wembley to watch them?
  13. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

    Oh yes, back to Wembley - hopefully against Palace so we can get revenge for the 2013 Play-Off final.

    For a very small club (albeit now with rich owners) this season is amazing. This will be the third FA Cup semi-final I'll have seen live (lost vs Southampton in 2003 at Villa Park and vs Man Utd in 2007 also at Villa Park) along with an old Wembley win in the 1998/99 Play-Off final against Bolton, and a win in the 2006 Play-Off final against Leeds at the Millenium Stadium...and the loss at the new Wembley against Palace a couple of years ago.

    It's never dull, that's for sure!

    It was a good day to clean a car today :Smile: although sometimes I wish I had a dark colour that really gave some bling back for all my efforts...
  14. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

    I was going to give the CR-V a quick clean this morning as I have (many) other things to do...but as it is such a beautiful day, instead I spent 6 hours getting it properly sorted. And probably a bit of a tan into the bargain!

    Wash - Bilt Hamber Auto-Wash
    Paintwork - Megs Clay (tailgate, bonnet, a couple of other small areas), followed by Bilt-Hamber 'Micro Fine' Paint Conditioner and then Bilt-Hamber 'Hydra Wax'
    Wheels - Cleaned with Bilt-Hamber Auto-Wheel, then finished with Bouncers 'Looking Sweet'
    Tyres - Megs Ultimate
    Exhaust & misc. chrome - Megs NXT All Metal Polish
    Glass - Autoglym 'Fast Glass'
    Exterior plastics - Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel

    As always with this white orchid pearl, the 'photos don't really do the finish justice. She is really sparkling in the sun... :Grin:

    IMG_0490. IMG_0492. IMG_0495. IMG_0497. IMG_0499. IMG_0500.JPG IMG_0504.
  15. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

    Since I've had my white orchid pearl CR-V, I've been searching for a mix of products that will really make the paintwork 'stand out.' So far, although the results have been good, they haven't given me exactly the look I'm after.

    Today, I tried a new combination. After the usual wash using Bilt-Hamber 'Auto-Wash' I tried a Dodo Juice / Meguiars combo.

    - Paint conditioner : Dodo Juice Lime Prime
    - Polish : Meguiars Professional Mirror Glaze No.7
    - Wax : Dodo Juice 'White Diamond'

    Other products for the wheels, exterior plastics etc. are as used previously.

    The results are simply excellent, giving a much warmer 'glow' to the finish and really bringing out the flake in direct sunlight. That makes the 6 hours doing it and my aching arms worthwhile...I think!

    Previously the finish using other products has been shiny with some depth, but a bit 'clinical' for my tastes. I've been told I should really use a sealant for maximum effect on white, but I've never been a huge fan - and these results with this combination mean I may not have to explore that option. I'll be interested to see what durability is like with this wax, although Dodo have a very solid reputation. It's forecast to pour with rain tonight, so I'm looking forward to 'bead' 'photos in the morning. :Smile:

    IMG_0518. IMG_0519. IMG_0520. IMG_0521.
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  16. wanner69 Detailing & Styling Trader

    Super glossy, looks awesome
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    Hi FirstHonda. I have recently purchased a 62 Accord and it is the White Orchid Pearl as this CR-V. I have read you last combination and wanted to know, how it is holding up. I want to get my car detailed and I like the fact that you have spent such a long time trying different products. Would you recommend I use these as my first detail? I may get someone skilled to do it, but I will but the products.
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    @FirstHonda ... How is the latest wax/polish job holding up?
  19. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

    Sorry for the delayed reply @HATS I must have missed this one!

    Its holding up very well, as long as I use a good quick detailer - currently Bouncers 'Done & Dusted' although today I bought some Auto Perfection 'Clarity' while at Castle Combe.

    For pure durability something like Bilt-Hamber 'Autobalm' would be better (or a sealant for that matter) but if you are going to wash and quick detail regularly then this is definitely a good option, as it looks great with minimal effort.

    You can also buy the Dodo tester pots for just £5 and they give 5 or 6 full waxes, so great value IMHO.
  20. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

    At this time of year, it is nice to be rewarded for the effort put in during late Summer and Autumn when the layers of wax to protect during Winter were added.

    Just a quick clean this morning for the CR-V, the first time in three weeks that it hasn't either been pouring with rain or below freezing. The temperature of +5 degrees today meant that it was a bit cold (and a bit damp) to do too much, but a wash with Bilt-Hamber Auto Wash, followed by some Bouncers 'Done & Dusted' protection detailer has seen it come up very nicely. It cleans very easily, despite the mud/leaves/general muck that it now lives with in rural Wiltshire...:Nuked:

    I'm pleased to report that the Dodo waxes used in the Autumn are holding up superbly, as is the Chemical Guys 'New Look Trim Gel' on the plastics.

    Happily I'm now back inside after three hours in the cold! :Grin:

    Note, the original wheels were re-fitted yesterday with Falken Eurowinter 449 tyres fitted to them. My next job is to thoroughly clean and protect the 'Lyra' alloys that have just been removed, with their original Michelin tyres, which are showing about 5-6mm left after 15k miles.

    fullsizeoutput_1ed. fullsizeoutput_1ef.
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