Facelift Model 2015 Honda Civic Facelift MY15

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    Key Features to the Facelift Model
    1. Up to £1620 less OTR than 14MY Civic
    2. Sporty new look with interior and exterior styling refreshes.
    3. Advanced new technology showcase, debuting Honda CONNECT
    4. City Brake Active System now standard on all grades
    5. Line Up expansion:
    6. •Sport grade echoing the new Civic Type-R
    7. •1.4 SE Plus appealing to value conscious buyers
    15YM Civic Hatchback
    28308_Honda_Civic_Sport. 28309_Honda_Civic_Sport. 28315_Honda_Civic_Sport. 28317_Honda_Civic_Sport. 28310_Honda_Civic_Sport. 28311_Honda_Civic_Sport. 28312_Honda_Civic_Sport. 28313_Honda_Civic_Sport. 28314_Honda_Civic_Sport. 28316_Honda_Civic_Sport.

    15MY Civic Tourer
    28308_Honda_Civic_Sport. 28309_Honda_Civic_Sport. Honda_Civic_Tourer. 28372_Honda_Civic_Tourer. 28375_Honda_Civic_Tourer.

    Honda CONNECT

    The new Honda CONNECT in-car audio and information system keeps you in touch with all of the things you love in life. The following features are available with Honda CONNECT:
    • 7” touchscreen display
    • FM/AM, Internet, and DAB radio
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Internet browsing
    • MirrorLink enabled

    Honda CONNECT is also available with Garmin Satellite Navigation installed as a factory option. The in car entertainment walk up will look as follows:

    • S – 1CD audio, HFT, Bluetooth, DAB*
    • SE Plus – Honda CONNECT*
    • SR – Honda CONNECT with Navi
    • EX Plus – Honda CONNECT with Navi
    Honda CONNECT
    Honda CONNECT features
    * Honda Connect with Navi available as Factory option

    Honda CONNECT features

    Bluetooth Hands Free Telephone

    Use the intuitive touchscreen to access all your mobile phone contacts.
    The Aha app enables you to CONNECT to internet radio, access your Facebook and Twitter accounts and find nearby restaurants and hotels.
    Personalised Home Screen
    Personalise Honda CONNECT by uploading your favourite photo as wallpaper. The display can be customised and personalised to suit your style.
    Garmin Navigation
    Garmin PhotoReal displays upcoming junctions with photo-realistic images of junctions and exits with arrow lane indication to provide clear guidance. The system also includes predictive routes, real-time traffic avoidance, road speed limit display, 3D buildings, terrain views and more.

    City Brake Active System- Now Standard Across the range

    All Civics now come with our City Brake Active System as standard. This excellent feature reduces the chance of having a rear end collision with the car in front of you.

    1. While driving around town between 5-30km/h, to give you the best chance of avoiding a collision, this system can monitor the distance between you and the car in front.
    2. If you continue getting closer to a detected vehicle, the Civic gives you audible and visual warning via the i-MID display.
    3. If you’ve still not reacted, and a collision is imminent, the City-Brake Active System can automatically apply emergency braking to reduce speed as much as possible. In good driving conditions it can even avoid a collision altogether

    Driver Assistance Safety Pack (DASP)
    Lane Departure Warning

    When road lines are detected and the car deviates from your current lane without indicating, Lane Departure Warning alerts you to the fact with audible and visual warnings.
    Traffic Sign Recognition
    The system identifies traffic signs up to 100m away and relays this information to the driver via the i-MID as you pass them. Two signs can be displayed at any one time.
    Forward Collision Warning
    Should the front camera pick up a car in front, the system warns of a front-on collision, allowing you time to take action.
    Blind Spot Information
    Making lane changes and overtaking safer, this innovation warns you when vehicles are detected in your blind spot.
    Highbeam Support System
    The Highbeam Support System assesses the driving conditions around you and switches automatically between high and low beam.

    Colour Options
    White Orchid Pearl

    White Orchid Pearl.
    Twilight Blue Metallic
    Twilight Blue Metallic.
    Crystal Black Pearl
    Crystal Black Pearl.
    Milano Red
    Milano Red.
    Alabaster Silver Metallic
    Alabaster Silver Metallic.
    Polished Metal Metallic
    Polished Metal Metallic.
    Passion Red Pearl
    Passion Red Pearl.
    Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic
    Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic.

    NEW! Golden Bronze Metallic
    Golden Bronze Metallic.

    2015 Civic Hatchback Grade Logic
    Honda MY15 Petrol.PNG Honda MY15 Diesel.PNG

    2015 Civic Tourer Grade Logic
    Honda MY15 Petrol Tourer.PNG Honda MY15 Diesel Tourer.PNG
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    Looks smart IMO
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  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    I looks bl00dy ugly the worst Civic ever in my eyes.
  4. moob Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Scotland Rob Glasgow
  5. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    When this car was designed they had a university interns smoking


    Look at the OTR price even they have fallen so why would you buy the existing stock, which is being discounted in the so called sale on now to shift the damn things. MY14 Civic owners have been had just lost 2k overnight thanks to the facelift that will cheer them up no end.
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    Where's yer Jazz btw?
  7. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

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    ^^I know I'm in the minority, but I actually quite like the 9th Generation Civic, and the facelift looks very good - especially like the front & rear lights.

    At least it looks a bit different - and not like all the Euro boxes that infest our roads.
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