Autocar 2015 Honda Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC 120 EX Plus review

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    Revised Civic features sharper looks, new kit and chassis tweaks, but its rivals remain cheaper and more compelling This year is unquestionably an important one for Honda. Firstly, the high-performance Civic Type-R and the flagship NSX are due to be launched.Secondly, the company is busy revamping every model in its line-up – including this, the Civic Tourer. It benefits from a range of upgrades in an effort to keep it on buyers' radars alongside estate versions of the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf.So on the outside you'll find redesigned bumpers, a tweaked grille and more elegant daytime running lights, while inside the Civic benefits from new door trims and seat fabrics, and a new Android-based infotainment system.The Tourer's chassis has also been fettled, with adjustments made to the responses of the electronic power steering, a new stability system, which is claimed to boost traction and grip, and new dampers and bushes. These changes have, reputedly, created a more enjoyable experience for the driver. Each Civic gets active city braking as standard now, too.Furthermore, Honda has cut up to £1600 off the price of the facelifted Civic in a bid to make it more competitive with less costly alternatives.

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    I'm not keen on the look, but they are a good functional family vehicle AND better than all the other brands. :Tongue:
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