Autocar 2015 Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC 160 auto EX review

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    New 1.6 diesel with nine-speed auto is a compelling mix, offering 158bhp and 258lb ft while emitting just 134g/km of CO2 in four-wheel drive form Few manufacturers can claim the sort of SUV sales Honda has enjoyed with its CR-V. Since its launch back in 1997, more than 750,000 have found a home globally; during 2014 alone, 50,000 dotted lines were signed across Europe.To ensure more of the same, the CR-V is being revised for 2015, going on sale in April. But this is no mild facelift; Honda’s engineers have been busy.To keep the CR-V looking fresh, there’s a new grille and redesigned headlights and tail-lights, while wider tracks, increased tyre camber, a quicker steering rack and new front suspension bushes, knuckles and arms are intended to improve ride quality, handling and refinement.Inside, thicker door seals aim to improve refinement, and there's a brand new infotainment system. City braking also becomes standard across the range. Most notable, however, is the new 158bhp 1.6-litre diesel engine, available with an equally shiny new nine-speed automatic gearbox. Together, they replace the outgoing 2.2 diesel/five-speed auto combo, improving fuel economy and emissions, yet still offering a respectable slug of low-down muscle.

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