Autocar 2015 Honda Jazz 1.3 i-VTEC SE Navi review

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    Third-generation Jazz benefits from a new, lighter chassis, tweaked steering, improved interior quality and the firm's latest infotainment system An all-new Honda Jazz for 2015, reaching dealerships in September. None of your facelifting here; Honda has been busy developing a new, lighter, chassis, new suspension, a quicker steering rack and improved interior quality and fitting its latest infotainment system. This new Jazz is also a more spacious car than its already generously proportioned former self. It's now 95mm longer and has a 30mm longer wheelbase, meaning more le groom for the rear passengers. Its boot is bigger too, up 17 litres to 354 litres with the rear seats in place.But it doesn't end there, because from launch just a single petrol engine will be offered: at 101bhp 1.3-litre unit. It replaces the old 1.4 and 1.2-litre petrols and is designed to provide more grunt than the 1.4 but greater efficiency than the 1.2. The new 1.3 is available with a six-speed manual gearbox or a CVT. We're focusing on the former here.

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    Hardly a glowing endorsement, although it is the usual story of a magazine and a VAG love-in.

    The comments on the article are pretty revealing, too. The most depressing one is the post which says it is poor to drive, rides poorly etc. Unless they have driven one abroad, they are presenting an opinion, based entirely on a magazine article, as a fact. Sad. Whatever happened to our education system...?
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    Somehow they got confused between a race car and the Jazz ?
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    Usual Autocar clique commenting on things they haven't seen or driven.