Facelift Model 2015MY CR-V: First Impressions

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    Thought I'd start my own thread now instead of continuing to hijack the '1.6 or 2.2' thread.

    As I said over there, I'd been offered an amazing deal on a new 2014MY 2.2 I-DTEC EX and had agreed to go and pick it up from the other end of the country. Unfortunately the car was held up on delivery and wasn't available to pick up on the day I could have gone, so I was having to wait another week to go and get it.

    Within a couple of hours of getting the call saying the car was delayed, one of the other dealers I'd been in contact with called me up to say that they would match the deal I was getting, but on a 2015MY 1.6 EX - as long as I accepted it that day. Needless to say I did... :Grin:

    I hadn't signed anything with the first dealer, so was able to cancel the sale and get my deposit back with no hassle (obviously I didn't tell them why!). Some people believe that everything happens for a reason and I'm starting to come round to that way of thinking. From my annoyance at not getting the car last week, I've gone to overjoyed with this beauty!


    2015MY 1.6 I-DTEC EX, Crystal Black, Ivory Leather

    This is the only pic I've got just now, but will get more up soon. Also have a few extras in the planning - splash guards and side steps being the most obvious ones.

    Absolutely chuffed to pieces with it, and completely bamboozled with the entertainment system! I'm sure I'll get there though.

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  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Congratulations @ILikeJam !
    What a fabulous result. If I wasn't able to get an Accord, the EX CR-V with Ivory hide was my next choice, so I'm very interested in your feedback.

    @ILikeJam: Please confirm, is this thread is going to be about your CR-V, or about the 2015 CR-V's? If it is the former, it's better on your Project Log.
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    Cheers @Nels !

    Sorry - wasn't sure how it worked around here. Other forums I use are running much more archaic software!

    Can I (or you) rename the thread to make it a general one about the 2015MY? I'll add my spiel above to my Project Log.
  4. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Thread title changed. :Hey:
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    That's an amazing deal @ILikeJam :Thumbup:

    Black paintwork and ivory leather - now that is going to keep you busy on the cleaning front :Laughing:

    Will be interesting to see your experience with the 1.6 I-DTEC as time goes on - economy, reliability etc.

    From a personal perspective this just proves the old adage about being in the "right place, at the right time."

    From a Honda perspective, it is a bit worrying that they are willing & able to discount a new model that much, but I guess it was a cancelled order? Not your problem though, just enjoy it!
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    Yeah @FirstHonda - right place right time indeed.

    The second dealer actually phoned me a couple of times and I was ignoring it thinking he was just following up, then he sent me an email saying "PHONE ME NOW!!!". I knew it must be important because when I told him about the original deal I was getting he couldn't believe it and told me to go and buy 2! :Laughing:

    It was Honda that extended the 0% finance to the new model and they had 10 cars in stock so it was first-come first-served on the colour front. They were all gone within 4 hours.

    First impressions are very good - very quiet, smooth and refined when compared to the Kia Sportage. I said in another thread that the 1.6 felt a bit breathless when I did a test drive. Whilst that's true in that it feels breathless, it's actually deceptively fast - both me and the wife have commented on how we had been creeping up to 85mph on the motorway without even realising it. Very understated with no drama. The Kia was really just a pumped up hatchback on stilts (not a bad thing by any means), whereas this is definitely a lot more of a big, comfortable cruiser - the 1 series BMW it's parked next to on the drive now feels like a go-kart by comparison!

    Doesn't have any of the extra Sensing or Driver Assist gadgets so can't comment on them, though the model I test drove was surprisingly accurate at reading speed limit signs.

    The Garmin Nav is, well, a Garmin Nav so works well. It helps that I've previously had one so was able to just dive straight into using it. The 'showing you what lane you should be in' feature will be handy I'm sure.

    The entertainment system is quite a lot to get your head around at first. It doesn't seem the most intuitive of systems - changing radio stations seems to be quite a drawn out process with several steps involved - but I'll give it time yet before making up my mind. I've not even begun to look at the internet radio or apps yet, but looking forward to having a play about. It helps that the car is picking up the wifi signal from the house so I won't have to use all my data allowance by connecting through my phone all the time!

    Love the new headlights, pano roof, power tailgate and crazy folding seats - could literally play with the last 2 all day! :Grin:
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    Scotland Ron Leeds
    That's a cracking deal you got there! As its the new 1.6 I-DTEC it'll be good to see your impressions once you've got good few miles on the clock. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Well done.
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    Cheers @Zoot

    Yeah it'll be interesting to see how the engine settles in. When I picked it up I had a 100 mile drive home on the M90/A90 including stop-start Good Friday traffic when the road goes through Dundee.

    Averaged 37.6 MPG with the cruise control set at 75 for most of the journey and Econ on. Sat Nav and radio on for the duration and playing about with heated seats etc at various points.
  9. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    ^^I'd be pretty sure that MPG will improve dramatically once it gets run in with a few miles under its belt :Smile:
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    United Kingdom Dave Stirling
    Is this the 1.6 with twin turbos and 4WD?
    I'm asking because I have the 1.6 2WD and I just drove from Stirling to Manchester with 2 adults, 2 kids and a fully stacked boot, and averaged 57 MPG. I wasn't particularly careful, I just drove trying to keep to 70mph, and was overtaking trucks all the time. Car only has 650 miles now, on second tank of diesel.
  11. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    No mate it's not a twin turbo set up but a Two Stage Sequential type Turbo more info and the diagram look here.Announcement - 2015 Honda CR-V Techinical Update
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    Now that I've had my CR-V for a month, and almost 500 miles, I thought I would add to this post with my first impressions.

    First, the good :Smile:

    - It is very comfortable, with a soft compliant ride and surprisingly nimble handling. It certainly doesn't FEEL like a big car to drive.
    - The general refinement is superb on my i-VTEC petrol/auto. Quiet at speed, very little road or wind noise. The engine is equally refined and smooth.
    - Economy is promising. With the "econ" button on I'm getting over 40mpg on an A/B-Road run at 40-60mph, with a current average (including town driving) of 35.9mpg. Excellent for a big petrol/auto IMHO.
    - Perceived quality of the interior is (generally) excellent - with a couple of caveats which are below.
    - Performance is more than acceptable. I'd read in a few places that the petrol/auto was "underpowered" but now having experience of 2 (my sister has the same car) I'm a bit baffled TBH. It isn't a racing car, but I'd question what anybody who thinks it is underpowered was expecting!! On the A404 today, it accelerated up the hill towards the M4 roundabout from standstill to 70mph with no fuss, no drama, little noise and seemingly little effort.
    - The hard drive on the stereo system is excellent.
    - The reversing camera, with guidelines - used in conjunction with the parking sensors - is excellent, and a real step forward from my previous Accord.
    - The folding seats are brilliant!

    Now, the things I'm not so keen on :Ermm:

    - I said perceived quality of the interior is generally excellent - and it is. However, the interior plastics do seem to mark when you so much as look at them funny which is irritating, and there are some areas of hard plastics that have the smell of penny pinching about them. Surprising on a £30k car IMO.
    - Overall quality of the car - including exterior paint, plastics and general finish - is not bad, but not as good as my previous 8th Generation Accord IMO. I'd say (totally unscientifically!) that the Accord was 10-20% better finished. The interior plastics on my 3 year old were less marked than those on my now 1 month old CR-V as an example. The handbrake is a particularly odd finish, and I'm not impressed with that at all.
    - The sat-nav set up - including the HFT - is a step backwards from my Accord. I don't find the touch screen easy to use, and preferred the buttons and small wheel on the Accord. Also, on my Accord I could have multiple 'phones connected at once, whereas on the CR-V it will only allow one at a time connected via bluetooth. Weird.
    - The DAB radio is hopeless, losing signal (on the outskirts of London) all the time. I'll stick with FM, thanks!
    - Personally I don't like the DRL, but can't really blame the car for those...

    I'll give it an early 7/10. Good, but could do better :Laughing:
  13. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    As I currently have a 2.0 petrol/auto 2015MY courtesy car for the next couple of days, a couple of observations/comparisons:

    - Honda seem to have changed the material on the handbrake - it is now harder plastic than on mine, so clearly an issue got fed back. Good.
    - I couldn't live with the "Connect" system I don't think - much more complex than the previous version, VERY slow to react, and the CD player/hard drive has gone. Bad.
    - The lid over the cup holders in the centre console has been removed. It looks far less neat now, the only reason I can see for that is cost saving on the lid. Also bad!
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    United Kingdom Dave Stirling
    Ironically the Honda Connect was one of the things which swayed me towards buying the pre-facelift model as I found the radio controls small and fiddly, plus rather clunky to use. Having said that I think the newer model may be a bit nicer from the outside, but not so different.
    Re interior materials, compared to my other car (BMW 3 series) it does not feel as nice. I still prefer it as a car though.
    - - - Updated - - -
    Excuse my lack of precision, but that is what I meant, I knew there was the number 2 squeezed in somewhere :Smile:
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    England CJ Leeds
  16. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    ^^I couldn't agree more about the "Connect" - I'm very glad I got the 2014 MY with the previous version, much more user friendly.

    A couple of other observations on the 2015MY (EX) vs the 2014MY (SR).

    - The electric tailgate is nice, but not something I'm that bothered about. Works well, though.
    - Keyless entry is quite impressive once you get used to it - but I remain a bit paranoid a) where the key is and b) whether it is REALLY locked :Laughing:
    - The looks. Hmmm...I prefer the front treatment of the 2015MY, it looks more purposeful IMHO. But the rear end treatment I'm not so keen on, the chrome strip is a bit much I feel, and the additional paintwork on the bumper is just asking for trouble!
    - The finishing. Weird one this. My Twilight Blue metallic 2014MY doesn't have lacquer on all areas on inner panels (boot shuts, bonnet shuts, door shuts etc). It is consistent with others. BUT the 2015MY in Alabaster Silver does have lacquer in all of those places. A change of policy, or different for different colours? Or one built on a Monday and one on a Friday LOL :Laughing:? Answers on a postcard...
    - The wheels. I do NOT like the new wheels. AT ALL. I just don't think they suit the car, and much prefer the 2014 versions.
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  17. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    Now that I've had my CR-V for a while, and nearly 1500 miles, I thought it was time for a few more thoughts.

    1. Economy. Given the lower mileage I'm now doing I chose petrol over diesel, and I'm very glad I did. This is one smooth and quiet car, and economy (with an automatic gearbox) is pretty good, certainly in line with my expectations. Overall it's showing 35.2mpg on the computer over the whole 1450 miles, but on a longer run of A-roads and motorway it easily beats 40mpg. I've seen as high as 43mpg on one run when driven carefully, and when I consider that my Accord I-DTEC was showing 44-45mpg across 45k miles I have to be pleased.

    *As a slight footnote, has anybody else noticed the gap between petrol and diesel prices has almost disappeared? In the South-West, where I have been recently, a lot of garages have them at the same price...

    2. Performance. Absolutely fine - no ball of fire, but not bad at all and as noted above very smooth and quiet in delivery. I use the "Econ" button 99% of the time, and even with that active the power available is good. The only time I have got caught out was on a short (uphill) sliproad joining the A34 - as I carried very little speed onto the slip, and had to slow further to wait for a gap to join, I felt it struggled a bit to get up to speed. I've done it again since with the "Econ" button off, and it was much better.

    3. Practicality. Fantastic, just so much space.

    4. Comfort. I'm not doing many long runs - 100 miles is the max I've done so far in one journey - but the seats and driving position are spot on (as they were in my Accord). The very big windscreen is another useful feature, but I wouldn't want to reverse it using just the rear window without the camera and sensors! It's quite a big thing...

    5. Tech. As with the Accord I had before, the Honda satnav is excellent. Easy to use, easy to follow (with the separate top screen for turn by turn instructions) and the traffic delay function is useful. I know not everybody is a fan, but I find the "non 3D" i.e. old fashioned navigation MUCH easier to follow. A sign of age...? :wheelchair:

    What I don't like is the touch screen - I'd take the small wheel from the Accord back in a heartbeat - or the voice control which (just like the Accord) doesn't seem to recognise much that I say...

    That's about it. I still like the styling of the 2014MY more than the 2015MY, and am pleased with the white pearl paintwork. When it's clean, anyway :Aghast:
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  19. manctony New Member Getting Started

    United Kingdom tony manchester
    I have had my petrol SE 4WD for about 6 weeks now and done about 900 miles so it is interesting to read other people's opinions about the car. For myself I think it is a delight to drive. I previously had a Jazz and, while I liked the Jazz, a CR-V is obviously a big step up in terms of comfort and refinement.
    I am currently averaging about 37 MPG (all with the econ button on). Most of these miles have been done using high grade (97) petrol.

    Overall I am very pleased with my purchase but I have a few little niggles:
    1) the wallet for the user manuals is just too big to fit in any of the door pockets
    2) it does not seem possible to just switch the 7" screen off. I know that on startup if you just ignore the opening safety notice it will disappear after a short time but if, say, you start a journey using the satnav and partway through your journey you decide you do not need the satnav any more there does not seem to be any way to just turn the unit off
    3) I do not like the automatic stop start and feel it would be better if this had to be turned on rather than being "on" automatically. I am no expert on this but I sometimes think that the benefit of any fuel saving is likely to be offset by increased wear on the starting mechanism.

    Incidentally the Honda brochure tells me that with Honda Connect you get five years free map updates. Does anyone know how this is done? Are you supposed to do it yourself or do Honda do it when you take your car in for service?

    Obviously there are other ways in which the car could be improved (the absence of lacquer on the paint inside the doors for example) but I was aware of these having owned other Hondas previously. The above are really very minor quibbles on what I think is otherwise an excellent car that I hope to enjoy for many years.
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  20. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    ^^It is a great car @manctony and I agree with your comments. The 2.0 litre petrol is a particularly under rated engine choice, and is likely to be a more appropriate choice for a lot of drivers who just don't do the mileage to really justify a diesel.

    ^^My CR-V is the 2014MY, so doesn't have the Honda 'Connect' system, so I don't know the answer to that. I'd assume it is a download thing that you do yourself, but best ask the dealer, unless @Ichiban or @Beefy know?