General 25th anni NSX meet @ Silverstone Classic - 24 - 26 July 2015

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    Just to let you know its 25 years of the NSX this year

    The NSX UK club is hoping to have its biggest gathering of NSX owners from the UK and potenitally other parts of Europe. I am personally making the voyage over to be there with my own NSX and meet up with the club and have my car on show at this event. Honda UK has also offered their assistance with the club stand.

    There should be around 40 cars there from the standard to the heaviliy modified on display so you will get to see an NSX in some form or other that will wet your appetite.

    Look forward to potentially meeting some of you guys on here if any of you are in attendence

    more info here - Silverstone Classic 2015 - Welcome
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  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Looks like it will be a great event.
    Not sure if I can make it but hope you have a great time. :Grin:
    Please post up lot's of pictures when you get back.