Service & Maintenance 280mm front brakes or 300mm front brakes

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    Hi guys

    I have an accord tourer, 2008 with the 2.4 petrol. It's an automatic 'box. It's the "EX" spec.

    About a year ago, I needed new discs and pads, so I went to my local trusty parts place and got a set (APEC), fitted them, all smiles. Recently, I've been getting a lot of pulsing through the brake peddle, feels like the discs are warped or there is a lot of pad deposit on the disc. I've had this before in other cars and it feels the same.

    So, given this is only 1 year/ 25k miles, I think that is quite unusual, just jumped on Euro Car parts website today to try to buy some "better" brand, and was going to try some brembo's and see if they faired any better. However, I notice there are 2 options, 280mm and 300mm.

    Just been out and wedged a couple of bits of timber into the wheel and measured the gap (scientific hey?!) and i'm pretty sure the current discs on the car are 280mm. However, reading online it seems that all cars with factory fit 16's are meant to be the 300mm brakes.

    So, 2 questions I guess:-

    What size should my discs actually be?

    Is it possible to fit (physically) 280mm discs to a car that was built with 300mm discs, and could this explain why they have not lasted so long as they are running hotter? I assume that it is a different caliper/ carrier arrangement for the bigger brakes? But just wnated to be sure. Basically I'm wondering if i had 300mm brakes before, the parts people gave me the smaller one's (i didn't measure, just went up and gave them my reg) and i've been running the wrong size disc.

    If anyone can help that would be ACE.

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    Hi @Eltax91, how you doing buddy ? Long time no see on HK ! :Smile:

    OEM 7th Generation discs are 300mm x 25mm. I've had 300mm x 32mm ATR discs fitted previously but currently running 320mm CU2 discs.

    I can't see how you would have been running 280mm discs without making any changes to the calipers or caliper mounts :crazyeyes:
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    I'm sure 280mm disks are fitted to the CL7 and 300mm for the CL9 and diesel.
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    Thanks chaps

    Excuse my ignorance, whats CL7 and CL9? Is that 2.0 and 2.4 petrol ??
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    Yes thats right, hover over the underscored acronyms @Eltax91 the website will tell you.
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    Aha! So it does!! That's very clever....

    So, my car SHOULD have 300mm front discs? I better get a wheel off and measure then before i start ordering, check I can get an accurate measurement