Fuel Efficiency 2ltr k20a3 Fuel Economy

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    I cannot post in the technical section as of yet so a mod is welcome to move the thread if its in the wrong place!

    I don't own an accord but am intrigued by the fuel economy version of the 2ltr K20a2, I think its the K20a3 thats found in the accord. The K20a3 is reported to be around 40-41mpg extra urban with a number of people reporting they can achieve these figures on motorway jaunts. Personally I have been able to get the book fuel economy figures on three previous cars. The k20a3 is recorded as having an extra urban figure of 50mpg and I was wondering if anybody has ever achieve this?

    What can you guys get out of the 2ltr Accords on the motorway? Has anyone measured this correctly? The correct way to do so would be to reset your tacho at fill up and then deivide your miles by the number of gallons put in on the second fill up, relying on a factory digital gauge can be inaccurate. If we really want to be :tut: we can calculate in the over read of the tacho by working out the percentage difference from the mph read out on your satnav and the speedo.

    Taking this into account has anybody done any proper testing of their fuel economy? Especially around 50 and 70mph.

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    When we had our 2.0 Tourer SE manual we could easily achieved 46MPG on a light loaded with driver only. On a fully loaded car 4 adults on child 2 dogs and bags it dropped to 31 MPG on the same journey same at the same speed.

    so depends how you use your car really.I never mattered about fuel efficiency to such a :tut: extreme that much more interested in reliability. Only our diesel owners are very meticulous about their MPG calculation :Thumbup:

    Hope someone can advise you and someone does a scientific real life fuel efficiency test for you.
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    Yep come on peeps get your MPG down. As a DIESEL owner would be interested to know real world MPG
    Mine is up for sale after MOT on Saturday however yet to find a petrol Accord worth buying.. Sooo many sheds out there with dealers described as excellent !!