Daily Driver 2nd Generation 2 Litre Auto

2nd Generation (2002-2006) vehicle added by billman, Sunday 7th Feb, 2016

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    First month of ownership complete, I can't believe how fast it's flown by. I do at last have something to add to the project log. Drum roll please . . .

    I've changed the front wiper blades! They'd been squealing intermittently since I bought the car and this morning was one nerve-jangling squeak too many. And I was close to Halfords. Yes I know I could have planned ahead and done cheaper but I may never have got round to it. Choice of Halfords Set 10 at £18 or Bosch SP21/20S at £22. Went for Bosch, fitted them myself in a couple of minutes, job done.

    However! This is where it gets complicated. I thought I'd do the rear wiper at the same time. Nothing listed in the Halfords flip-over guide thing for 2nd Generation CR-V rear window. I asked the lady what the Bosch equivalent was, she looked it up on her till and said it was either the SP11 or SP13 (11" or 13") depending which I had fitted already. I went out to measure and mine is 12". Went back in and she said they don't do a 12 which explains why they suggest either 11 or 13. I said I'll leave it thanks.

    So getting home and researching on the internet I can't believe how complicated it has been to track down a wiper to fit. I think I've cracked it though. The Honda part number is 76730-S10-305, this is the same blade as fitted to the 1st Generation I believe. There is one on eBay at Balmer Lawn Honda in Brockenhurst for £11.95 + £2.75 (total £14.70). There is also one on Cox Motor Parts of Morecambe's website at £8.54. I added this to the basket but by the time I had got through to checkout and VAT and postage had been added the total was up to £14.42. I abandoned ship. I'll manage with what I have for the time being but if anyone knows a cheaper source of this little blade I'd be very happy to hear about it.

    Update on fuel consumption. I've now covered 2000 miles (just slightly higher than my average, it's been a busy month) on mostly fast A roads. My running average stands at 28.9 MPG. I'm well pleased with that.
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