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    Hello there
    I'm poised to buy a 3.0 Coupe and wondered if there was anyone who could give me some tips? Or might even have one for sale...
    PS I live in Berkshire
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    Worst Honda I've ever owned and I've had 14

    I can a V6 for about 2 Years and it was not nice. Fuel consumption is terrible I seem to remember 22mpg. Build quality being American built was also terrible. Get a gen7 2.4 much better choice
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    Re: w
    Worst Honda I've ever owned and I've had 14

    Fuel consumption and build quality aside, were there any other issues that might cause alarm? I'm used to low 20s MPG and dubious build quality (Citroen and Rover to name but two), and the coupe I have tested was remarkable good for a 14 year old car. It has an issue with idling, and that is the sort of thing that causes me concern. I was hoping that there might be someone on this site with experience of technical issues with the 3.0 litre V6 and the way these can be overcome. But thanks for your feedback.