3rd Generation automatic lighting puzzle

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    Hi all,

    I'm getting a 3rd generation Jazz EX in a few days time and have been reading the manual (I know, a bad habit of mine). Most of it makes sense but I'm a bit puzzled by this, on the subject of the auto lights control.

    "Even with the automatic lighting feature turned on, we recommend that you turn on the lights manually when driving at night or in a dense
    fog, or when you enter dark areas such as long tunnels or parking facilities.

    "Do not leave the light switch in AUTO if you will not be driving the vehicle for an extended period (a week or more)."​

    Why is this, does anyone know. Surely the idea behind an auto system should be that you turn it on and forget about it, but if you have to turn the lights on normally when it gets dark then what is the point of it? What goes wrong if you leave it on for more than a week, with presumably all electrics off because the key isn't in the car?

    Thanks in advance,

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    hi i leave the lights in auto all the time and had no trouble, one thing you have to watch with the Jazz is using the light in manual if you get in the car at night and start it because the dash is lit all the time it is easy to set off and think the lights on when they are not. other than that great car but don't put dunlop sp on the front wheels they make the steering a bit vague. oh nearly for got don,t use the air con when town driving you,l burn your clutch out.