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    This being my first 4WD, I'm sort of looking forward to winter; (never thought I would say that). I live in a road which is a nightmare in winter to get out of if it's iced up.
    I've read up how the 4WD works and it sounds impressive mechanically wise.

    How did you guys find the 4WD last winter?
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    Even on my old beater 2nd Generation CR-V, the 4WD was great last winter (I live down south, so probably not "proper snow" to the northerners on this forum). If you're deliberately clumsy with the accelerator on an empty snowy road, you can feel the front wheels spin for a fraction of a second, then the power is shifted to the rear wheels and the car surges forward. No amber light on the dashboard, no indication that anything has happened.

    Obviously the car has its limits and is no Land Rover, but for road use in the winter it copes just fine.
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    I have read that clearance and depth of snow apart, a 2 wheel drive car on winter tyres will go anywhere a 4 wheel drive car on regular tyres will go. So if you put winter tyres on your 4x4 you will get EVERYWHERE when the white stuff comes down.
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    Hmmm I'm not convinced by that, (in a 2WD) no matter what tyres you have as soon as one wheel loses traction your goosed. Obviously winter tyres are a great help but I can't see them being "that" good as to be as good as 4WD.
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    I put them on my taxi every winter, and I have never failed to get anywhere I needed to go.
    Scandinavians have a saying (according to Evo magazine) winter tyres before four wheel drive.
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    I'm a soft southern Jessie as well but the last few winters have caused a few problems. There's nothing worse than hearing you're in for a lump of snow by morning and then worrying over your cornflakes at breakfast on how your going to negotiate the minor roads on the way to work.
    I have to say, the CR-V feels a purposeful machine and I'm looking forward to see how it performs in snow and ICE.
    I've probably put the mockers on snow and ICE down south for a few years now that I've bought one.:Whistle:

    I had to laugh last winter seeing all the expensive mercs and BMW's abandoned on the roadside because of rear wheel drive.......:lol:
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    I used to work in Oslo, and there's no doubt that 2WD + winter tyres worked absolutely fine until the depth of snow became too much for the lower ground clearance of normal cars. On normal roads Beemers and Mercs then work just fine in snow and (as said above) there was definitely an understanding that winter tyres were better than (just) 4x4 on normal roads. A colleague brought his Audi S6 4WD over from England and he was flying around all over the place on his big wide tyres until he changed to winter tyres (a legal requirement anyway).

    Undoubtedly a 4WD with winter tyres is an awesome beast in the winter!

    Now living on the Isle of Wight, the CR-V is useful for rough rural roads/shallow mud and wet grassy fields... but snow? We hardly even get frosts in winter! :Smile:
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