Fuel Efficiency $41 (£32) to fill a motor in the States

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    Currently in Florida on hols and today i filled the rental car (60 litre tank) for $41 or £32 - that's about half of the price at home. Yet the yanks are complaining out here at the high cost of fuel, if only they lived in our over taxed pauper state and had to pay our prices on a regular basis....!

    Would say they're be less "how many miles to a tank" threads if the prices at home were the same as out here. Saying that, i'm looking forward to getting a run in my Accord when i'm home and hoping to top 700 odd miles between fills now that it is "warm" (*cough*) at home :Smile:

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    They were moaning about the price of fuel back in 2008, when Obama was running for the 1st time for President. It was only about $2.50 (£1.66) a gallon then.
    I bet it's warm there at the moment, it was about 90 two weeks ago.
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    Is well cheap for fuel over there. Wonder how it compares with income tax, also they have to pay healthcare, is it still cheaper than the UK? Whats the pension situation, don't think there is a state one?
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    Rich.. sounds like your planning to jump over to the other side of the pond ?? :Smile:
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    Nope...maybe for holidays, sounds like a bargain.

    Already lived in Prague for a couple of years, lovely country but the bureacracy was a nightmare, even simple things took weeks.

    Even with the current issues the UK is still one of the easiest and best places to live, good healthcare also.

    I reckon the best policy is to work here, build up a good pension and try to buy a house if you can, then retire, claim your pension, sell the house and go and live somewhere warm.
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    They also only get two weeks holiday.
    If they leave the country and live somewhere else they have to pay income tax to the US.(Ask Wesley Snipes).
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    Rip off galore!

    I was in the MidEast a while back - had a Toyota Camry on hire - cost me the equivalent of about £14 to fill up! :Happy:
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    Yeah but you couldn't go to DisneyWorld or Universal Studios though.:Wink:
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    LOL, I don't want to either!
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    Oh don't be like that, Universal is brilliant.
    Very good coasters,