Fuel Efficiency 4th Generation CR-V (Petrol) MPG

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    Just completed my first 1000 miles and am well pleased with the MPG. From my home in Scotland to my son's in Northhamptonshire, (a round trip of 800 miles) I managed to get 49.7 keeping it at just under 60 on the A1. More than pleased with this as my LR Discovery averaged 23mpg - with no guarantee of even making it to the destination !!! :Thumbup:
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    Superb mileage I bet the journey was tiresome driving at 60?
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    I wasn't in a rush and I listened to the Ipod through the radio all the way down. The integration with the Honda audio system is brilliant - it even shows a small image of the album cover of the album being played and the remote (steering wheel) control of the Ipod is first class and seamless - never had this before and am well pleased with it
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    39.7 overall MPG now after 1500 miles - mixed rural and stop start stuff - well pleased with that from a 2 litre petrol!!
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    My local Honda dealership has quite a number of new petrol CR-Vs available currently at tempting prices (£19k for the 2WD and £20k for the 4WD).

    As a long term diesel Accord aficionado I have shied away from the CR-V petrol in the past because of its thirstiness but at these prices I could perhaps be tempted to go down the LPG route if feasible. Does anyone know whether this would be straightforward and has anyone had this done?