ICE & HFT 4th Generation CR-V Smartfone/Bluetooth connection

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    I have a new CR-V and am having trouble connecting my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. The phone connects immediately but then drops out and reconnects randomly. I have deleted the phone and re- paired it but the fault remains. My wife's Iphone 5 connects seamlessly without any problems. Be grateful for any hints/tips on how to address this problem.
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    What version of Android are you running ?
    Have you just updated to that version ?

    Try this :-

    Goto Settings -> Applications -> All -> LogsProviders and Clear Data
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    Thanks SpeedyGee - this appears to have worked

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks IchybanAccord, my wife loves her apple stuff but I am not keen. She bought me a Macbook pro a couple of years ago and I found the os really slow - runs much faster with bootcamp and windows so I'm afraid I will stick to Windows and Android - seamless integration without the hiccups of trying to sync calenders/contaccts etc with ios.

    There is no doubt the Apple build quality was better but I think PCs and Android have caught up and in a lot of cases surpassed the Apple products. I use an Asus Zenbook now which is streets ahead of the Macbook and 2/3rds the price.
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    A windows PC better than a Mac that'll be the day.
    How many service packs does it take to fix windows?


    Who knows!!!!
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    Weird that you had fone connection issues.

    Worked a treat with my BlackBerry Bold...took all of 10 seconds to pair up.