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    A few of the new CR-V owners may experience the following three symptoms (see below) on their i-MID unit. if you face these issues you will need to consult you nearest dealer for a software update provided your car has a USB port. For cars without the USB port will require the i-MID unit assembly to be replaced.Honda announced the following TSB # SN-10-009-00 dated 12-04-13.

    The following car are affected.

    ModelModel CodeYear Model
    CR-VRE5, RE72013
    CR-V I-DTECRE62013

    The Symptoms

    Some customers with 2013 year model CR-V may experience the following symptoms:
    1. Flashing i-MID and the rear seat belt indicator coming on.
    2. Driving mileage, trip A, trip B and fuel consumption indication disappear from i-MID.
    3. Audio Banner Message is missing from the i-MID.

    The Cause

    The i-MID receives corrupt CAN data from another unit on the CAN network. The corrupt data is stored within a CAN buffer. After receiving 16 packets of corrupt data,the i-MID’s CAN buffers become full so the i-MID stops all communication with the other network connections

    The Fix

    The i-MID software has been changed so that the CAN buffers will be emptied each time the ignition is cycled.

    Application to Production Line

    SHSRE5***DU302718 Europe 2WD
    SHSRE5***DU006763 Europe 4WD
    SHSRE5***DU100219 South Africa
    SHSRE5***DU203786 Russia
    SHSRE6***DU010875 Europe
    SHSRE6***DU100220 South Africa
    SHSRE7***DU100370 South Africa

    The repair method

    Cars with USB ports

    Honda dealers have the file (263_SYS328_C3DB.bin) with the updates for car equipped with USB ports to update the system. It a simple case of connecting the USB memory stick and following the on screen prompts. The update will take thirty minutes to complete.

    Cars without USB ports
    Replace the i-MID Unit.(Display, Assy Centre ).

    Note: After i-MID unit replacement there is no need to update the new unit as it already has countermeasure level software installed.

    Parts Information

    Part NumberPart Name
    Left Hand Drive 39710-T1G-E21With Accessory Navigation DISPLAY ASSY, CENTRE (TFT) (PANASONIC)
    Right Hand Drive
    With Accessory Navigation DISPLAY ASSY, CENTRE (TFT) (PANASONIC

    Total time to replace Replace the i-MID Unit is 40 minutes.

    if you face any of these issues you will need to book your car into the nearest dealer.
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    At least this is not a major thing to rectify. :Thumbup:
  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Nope its nothing a software update however I can see a product improvement for the facelift 4th Generation will include all CR-V to receive the USB port to mitigate screen replacement.
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    But as with all software, no matter how robust you make it, there are always gremlins lurking.
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    TBH majority of the dealers will catch this as part of their responsibility of care, I doubt anyone gets left out in the UK.