Optional Extras 4th Generation Legend Technology pack ADAS CBMS?

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    Was wondering any of you legend owners know how to tell if a Honda Legend have these options fitted?

    I planning to buy a Honda Legend but is there any tell tale signs on the car which indicate that these options are fitted as I have phoned some car dealers which have them in and seems none are clued up what I do I need to look out for , obviously I want my money worth when buying the car so if it does come with them it is a bonus.
    Also are there any owners who have these options fitted tell me if they actually use it or not and if so are they useful , the reason I ask this is there is one in a honda dealership going for a little over 10k I asked does it come with the technology pack he claims no but on his photos the steering wheel has these icons does this idicate the car has it , I asked him why does the icons show up on the steering wheel he claimed that it comes standard so even if the car does not have these options fitted it is still on show anyone know if there is any truth in this?

    bottom line is it worth getting a legend even if it does come the techno pack?

    thanks in advance
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    Hi Dejay the ADAS pack was a factory fit option its not possible to retro fit it at the dealers and economically , however nothing is impossible it can be done but at a huge expense.

    Just search for a car with ADAS as standard..yes ADAS is worth every penny I have it on my 8th Generation Accord and would go far and say I will buy all Accord or any Honda with ADAS from now onwards.
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    hi thanks for the speedy reply appreicate it, sort of in a middle of a deal but unsure what to do pretty confused the dealers got a 57 plate 20k milage honda legend for sale for a little over 10k but it does not come with the techno pack he willing to give me 12 months warranty with the car if i go ahead but as I said does not come with any of the options do you think this is worth it or shall I pass?
    I deally I prefer it to come with all the bells and whistles but the low milage etc is appealing hence I asked is the cbms & ADAS worth it or can I make do without if I do without am I missing out a lot? sorry to go on about it but I want to make sure before I spend all that amount of cash on one... one last important question for future reference is there anyway for a car dealer find out if the car is fitted with these options ( meaning is there any buttons to press and displays if these options are fitted or not not sure if there is a CMBS button or LKAS ADAS button and it will let the driver know if they are fitted on the car just makes it that much easier for me to find a legend with the techno pack on
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    From outside of the car you can see if it have that ACC Adaptive Cruise Control by the front H emblem.
    If the letter H is under clear plastic then there is those sensors, mine is Tech I so i don't have it, my H have gaps between the letter and surrounding chrome.
    Steering wheel is an other good place to see it, if it is NOT tech II then there is some buttons missing (plank spots) on the lower part of the steering wheel.
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    thisis getting more and more confusing, I have seen a Legend for sale on the steering wheel it has all the icons for LKAS bottom part of the steering as you have indicated but when I spoke to the dealer he insisted that the car does not have the technology pack or the CMBS so is the dealership wrong? I hope someone can share light to this matter and clarify this for me as this is a deal breaker for me if the deal is wrong and does have the techono pack I will buy instantly lol
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    Do you have a link to the car in question or a front pic that you could upload?

    That way we can check for you :Thumbup:
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    The easiest way to tell is the windscreen. There is a cut out in the built in sunshade section for the LKAS camera. Also, If it has the buttons on the steering wheel it has CMBS.

    it is fantastic to have. I use it all the time and feel so much safer as well as relaxed. It takes a bit of getting used to - especially the cruise which occasionally on a right hand bend can mistake traffic ahead on your inside as being in your lane. Other than that it works seemlessly. The CMBS braking is very reassuring. I've driven 50k with it on permanently.

    parking sensors on a car this size are also worth seeking out

    go for it!