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    I'm looking at buying some side steps for my HONDA CR-V 4th Generation. I do like the design of the OE side steps but they don't look very practical. I genuinely need to use them to assist me getting my bikes off the car roof bike carrier. So I'm looking at a good quality stainless steel tube type which looks very sturdy and is quite pleasant on the eye. I really don't mind the look of my car without. It's either side steps some sort of stule I can chuck in the boot or a pair of stilts. I haven't got a severe height restriction at 5 ft 10" but will still struggle to put bikes on and off. Does anyone know if HONDA make different designs in side steps I've only seen the 4th Generation CR-V with the curve effect side steps.:gohonda:
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    My views on the 4th generation side steps are well known, so i won't bore anyone on here further with them. There are some good examples of normal sidesteps on here in other threads and IMO, they look much better and more practical than the weird shaped OM ones. Also if you google sidesteps for the 4th generation there are plenty that come up.

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    Thanks for the advice Keith. Think I'm going to go for the side steps. Another plus I suppose is it's harder for someone to damage the side of your nice new HONDA when opening doors at parking spots. :mosh:
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    Cheers Lisbon. I've decided I'm buying the aluminium step and the side steps.:salute: