Body, Paint & Styling 50 shades of blue? What colour is this?

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    I know that sometimes colour reproduction on the PC doesn't reflect reality, but from what Accords for sale on line that I have come across, I seem to distinguish at least about 3 shades of blue. Can anybody let me know how many shades of blue were released as standard, but more specifically, can anyone describe the colour shown in the attached photo. I included a close up of the door post because there seems to be less highlights and shadows in that area. I would like to be able to buy a car this colour, so if I knew the official name of the colour I might save myself a long journey to view a car, if I can simply ask the owner over the phone what the colour name or colour code is, and where to find the code under the bonnet would be good to know too. Thanks

    accord blue.
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    Looks like Arctic Blue to me (B507P) , but I am sure others will be able to confirm.

    The paint code number will be on the chassis plate which is on the nearside front suspension strut support
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    Thanks for both the above comments. At least it seems there's only two to choose from, so that narrows it down quite a bit. Below is attached an image of three cars for sale, all advertised on the same page of a website, yet they all look so different. The centre one is advertised as Arctic Blue, but after looking at the brochure colour card, it still is hard to distinguish which is which. I suppose I need to ask some friendly looking chap to lift his bonnet, on the next Accord I see which is my preferred colour. Thanks again.
    3 blues.
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    Of your images, the first is Indigo Blue Pearl, the second is Arctic Blue Pearl and the third Royal Blue Pearl :Smile:
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    Aha! That helps a lot. With only two options on the colour card of the brochure, I was really confused. Now it's clear. Thanks a lot.
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    There was 3 different colour sets used on the 7th Generation in Europe, the original 2003, the 2005, and the Facelift 2006 - there was also a limited edition white at the end of run in late 2007/early 2008.

    There's then other regions and the American Acura TSX which has some different colours and renames others :Laughing:
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    Hmmm. Just when I thought I had got a handle on it.
    I think lifting the bonnet on a sample car and reading the code is probably the best option.

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    It's definitely Arctic Blue Pearl my CL7 was that colour.
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    Arctic is the lightest, Royal the deepest and Indigo can look a little purple depending on the angle and lighting.
    • Indigo Blue Pearl B502P
    • Arctic Blue Pearl B507P
    • Royal Blue Pearl B536P
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    I always forget they did Royal Blue Pearl.

    One of my neighbours has Indigo Blue Pearl tourer.

    Saw a nice Arctic Blue Saloon yesterday. I let him out of a junction - well us Accord drivers have to stick together. :gohonda: I got the thumbs up so maybe it's the start of a trend where Accord drivers all wave to each other like Impreza drivers do. :lol:

    Was a bit of an Accord fest yesterday. I saw 5 in the afternoon 3 7th Gens and 2 8th Gens one was a nice 15 Reg CU3 Type-S can't remember the name of the colour was it Forged Steel? It was the silver they launched at the start of 2014 anyway. . Had a good look at it in the car park but the owner wasn't there as I was going to congratulate them on having excellent taste :lol: On a closer look it had discrete Newcastle Honda decals on the lower rear doors so must be a demonstrator. Strange I know given that the Accord was supposedly dead by May 2015 but it is still on HUK website.

    Honda Accord | Saloon Car | Honda UK

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  12. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I think it's just the last few now. I guess they will keep that part of the site going until they are all gone.
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  14. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    There are 13 pre-registered Accords with delivery (<50) mileage on the Honda site.
    2 x 2.0 ES GT Saloon Auto
    1 x 2.0 EX Saloon Man
    2 x 2.2 ES GT Saloon Man
    2 x 2.2 ES GT Saloon Auto
    1 x 2.2 ES GT Tourer Man
    1 x 2.2 EX Saloon Man
    1 x 2.2 EX Saloon Auto
    1 x 2.2 Type-S Saloon Man
    2 x 2.2 Type-S Tourers Man

    (Data taken at 8pm 6/6/2015)

    I don't know if there are any new ones left in the system. You'd have to ask at the dealerships.
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    Check my Weekend Toy in my garage. Accord 2.4 Type-S in Arctic Blue Pearl.
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    The royal blue was the colour that first made me 'see' what a great buy the accord would be to replace the E65. Then I fell in lust with the alabaster silver colour. I think the blue works well with cream interior
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    Just washed and polished this week
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    She's looking good Micky. Spotless as always. :Thumbup:
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    She needed a good clean as we have just cut back all the foliage from the carport and all the dust that remained decided to fall on the car, so snow foamed,then I did a raid on Selinas supplies( she has a couple of friends who valet they were the guys a the milk bar) so I used one of their products called revive which is supposed to do what it says on the bottle, and it did I was totally gobsmacked it was like the car had just rolled off the production line. Then I used a hard wax called foshu or something like that it's very expensive anyway but the results was even more impressive.
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