General 56 CR-V - May I ask a couple of questions, please

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    1. I'd like to update the sat-nav with a new disk. I think I read that this can be risky and prone to failure? Thoughts or advice on where I can purchase, please?

    2. The reverse alarm is so :tut: loud! I can't locate it to place some tape or something over the speaker - anyone know where it's precisely located?

    3. Where is the best place to buy a replacement headlamp washer as my darling wife drove into god knows what a snapped off the original?

    Thank you very much for any advice, etc.

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    Added photo with version info

    Sat-Nav System & version Info.JPG
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    Dave Cornwall
    1. I think if you get a genuine disc the satnav should update OK, I took a chance on a non genuine one and it does not even read it.
    2. Don't know sorry, but mine is not that loud.
    3. I think the only place is Honda unless you can find a second hand one, I found most places don't bother taking them of the bumper when I wanted one, I ended up buying a bumper that had the washer still attached.
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply, Dave
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    Get a genuine disc.. The parking sensor buzzer could be anywhere if it's not genuine sensors and with genuine sensors ime sure the buzzer should be fitted to the O/S/R inner trim. The washers are easy to replace. Just unclip the side of the bumper that your replacing and pull the bumper forward enough to get your hand down. There is one large horseshoe clip holding it on.
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    Cheers Beefy, I'll check all of that - appreciate your time
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    On my 3rd Generation the reverse sensor is under the kick panel to the right of the passenger foot well. If memory serves the panel is just pull off