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    I've just bought a 5th Generation Honda Accord 2.0Is but only got one key from the owner. The family I bought it off were selling their father's car as he had died recently, so unfortunately no chance of getting another key from them.

    I wanted to know the best way of sourcing another transponder key without spending a lot of money as the car only cost £350.

    Just to add I've just bought a blank key with a TransponderKey off Ebay (reputable site!) so hopefuly I'll get the key cut then Honda dealer will re-program and not charge me a fortune?


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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    60 quid tops for dealer charge , let us know what the cost is.
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    Thanks I'll let you know the damage once I've got the key had it cut and run along to the dealer and see how much they want. Hopefully they will see the car and take pity on me running an old Accord.. ..well it's worth a try!
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    when I asked a dealer for key they said 100quid
  5. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Wow for 15 minutes of work 100quid ..60 quid more reasonable.
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    yer i know qall i want is a spare key incase i lose mine shop near me said 60
    so ill get there
    was thinking about getting all in 1 key and fob off ebay but unsure i will work as think the keys are chipped
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