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    Has anyone found that using CDR's in the headunit can be a little hit and miss?

    Up until now I've only had the radio and the previous owners discs in the car... not a fan of harry potter audio books or ropey 70's disco music. :Smile:

    I hate using original discs in cars, they get ruined or nicked and so forth. So for years I've been using CDR's filled with MP3's... Alas, they won't work on mine now and until I get the grom audio kit in the new year... I'm left having to create proper audio discs again.

    Of the 2 I have created so far, one works and one doesn't.. both burned to identical spec the only difference is artist and number of tracks. I'm using decent quality TDK CD-R blanks. Never had an issue with these before in any previous system over many, many years.

    I thought that perhaps the lens needed cleaning, so I got out a few originals and tested them too... same issue.

    Now it seems to be completely random, the same disc can be inserted into any of the 6 disc slots and work, but the next time you come to play that disc... it rejects it and ejects it. Sometimes loading it again works and sometimes it doesn't... same with sometimes loading it in to a different slot works or doesn't.

    There doesn't seem to be a predictable method of making it work or fail... it seems completely random regardless of home burnt disc or original.

    Now I am going to pick up a can of compressed air and give it a blast with that... I might even get one of those cleaning CD's with fluid and brushes on the disc and try that.

    I've searched and seen a few post regarding this issue, but none mention it happening quite like mine does... Once I get the grom kit, the CD changer will become kinda redundant anyway. But are there any specifics I should be checking when burning the discs, I'm just doing it as a standard audio CD, there is CD text but I know the headunit won't read that... But shouldn't make a difference anyway... Is there a certain brand that it seems to prefer for example?

    It seems fine with damaged discs because a couple of the previous owners were scratched to buggery and back... and still worked.
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    Maybe work just trying a different brand. Maybe either Sony, Fuji or Ritek.

    Worth trying to clean the head also as you mentioned.
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    I found tesco cdrs are ok but only if burnt on the lowest possible speed. I have a grom audio unit and have all my music on my phone which has 64 gb memory card. So I rarely use the cd player now.
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    @raza4 That's a good suggestion, the discs I have are 52x but the burner is 48x and it's writing them at that speed. Takes about 5 mins as it's having to convert them back from MP3... I know that's crazy and loses quality, but I rip all my CD's at 320 so it helps to minimise that.

    Using Nero 10, and I normalise each tracks to avoid that random volume between tracks... again, I know that's a big no, but it's purely for listening to in the car and I do have the premium sound system with subwoofer in the boot... which actually works really well.

    Next one I do, I'll drop it down to half the speed and see if that improves... But so far only 1 out of 5 have refused to load at all, whilst a couple of others occasionally refuse to play after they have.
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    I only used copies of my original discs in my 7th Generation CN1. I cannot remember if they were MP3s or WMA, but they were on unbranded CD-Rs from Maplins.

    The same discs work on the 8th Generation, but I have all my music on a flash drive, so rarely use CDs anymore.
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    Sadly the PFL does read MP3's... although I must admit I've not actually tried one... Just read a comment on here... Now tomorrow I'll have to go and check out of sheer curiosity. :Smile: