Engine & Gearbox 6th Generation Accord engine cutting out issue

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  1. This is a known fault on this car.

    The contacts wear on the ignition switch, causing the engine to cut out.

    The solution is to replace the switch. They aren’t very expensive.
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    Ignition barrel Immobiliser issue

    Hi all I've got a problem when trying to start that points to a transponder issue but..

    The key is fairly worn (only have the one and just bought the car) and does take a bit 'of the old in, out' when turning though this maybe be down to me not used to it (avid E30 owner for far too long).

    And it lost total power whilst driving it home :/

    With the key in position II it normally shows no lights on the dash at all, but if I slightly push the key forwards as if to engage the starter motor it will all light up, the green key light stays on for two seconds then goes out (all other lights that should be on are).
    Fire up the starter and it runs then dies from fuel starvation and the green key light flashes.
    One in 20 odd goes I can get it to start and run fine but once I turn off it's the same problem every time.
    This from what I can find after a little searching is down to the ignition switch.
    Is this the offending item that needs replacing? GENUINE HONDA ACCORD IGNITION SWITCH 1999-2001 | eBay

    Would this cause the transponder issue as I thought that would be picked up by a coil surrounding the barrel, or is the 'system' not looking for a transponder until the barrel is in position I or II. Hence why with a key that will turn in the lock the car will try to start but only then read the transponder and cut out.

    I've had a quote of 170 for 2 keys + coding plus they come to me but want to make sure all else is right before I get new keys, or at least a spare.
    Sorry if its a bit long winded.
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