Pre-Facelift Model 6th Generation Accord Faults

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  1. Hi Guys

    I owned a 6th Generation Accord for 9 years, it had done over 140,000 miles when I part-exed it, and I had very little trouble with it in that time.

    The only things that needed replacing in all that time apart from what you would have expected such as tyres batteries brakes and bulbs were:

    Front shock absorber/damper replaced

    Rear drop links (not surprising in view of the mileage)

    Brake and fuel pipes replaced due to corrosion (due harsh North East winters and road salt as much as anything else).

    Over such a long period of ownership and use that is an amazing testament to Honda quality and reliability and I think as well it is a big thumbs up for production at Honda Swindon.

    I'd like to compile a list of other 6th Generation issues on this thread so I'd be grateful to hear of anybody else's ownership experiences.
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    I have owned my 6th Generation for 3 years now with the mileage approaching 89000 miles,in my 3 years of ownership i have replaced

    Rear calipers
    Front/rear drop links
    Rear shockers due to sudden failure of offside shocker.

    Otherwise just the usual brakes, battery,etc.

    And for a car that is 9 years old still on the original exhaust.
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    Original exhaust for 9 year is very good going indeed, you did not mention your cambelt change which you did on your own.:Wink:
  4. Other things to look out for are:

    Regular oil and filter changes and servicing generally

    Timing and balancer belt changes - see separate thread on this

    Condition of brakes - pads & discs do need renewing regularly on this car

    Anti roll bar drop links - front & rear

    Corrosion to brake & fuel lines and the pipes to and from the steering rack

    Corrosion to exhaust and downpipe and splitting of exhaust flexi joint - the OEM exhausts are fantastic quality but these cars are getting on a bit

    Corrosion to sump - not unknown

    Wear to ignition switch causing cutting out

    Dirty Idle Air Control Valve and Exhaust Gas Recirculation system causing idling and running problems - can often be cured with a good old clean-out

    Oxygen sensors - new ones from Honda are about £200 but they are obtainable for about £80 but some aftermarket ones don't work so look for NGK or Denso

    Sounds a long list but don't worry these cars are usually very reliable as mentioned above.
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    H22 auto tensioners can fail. :Angry:

    5Th gear synchros...
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  7. You can do it online on the Honda UK website with your VIN no.
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    Hi guys,

    I am new here on the forum and my English is really rubbish but I need help and I think this is the best place to find it.

    I have a 6th Generation Accord. I've happily used it during the last 4,5 years and it allways worked perfectly for the last week. Now I have a serious problem with it and I can't find the solution.

    The car is a 1.8 five doors Accord with F18B2 engine, only 123000 miles in it.

    The problem is:

    I was coming home and the car worked perfectly but suddenly the engine stopped. After that, I still could start it but only if I didn't push the throttle. If I push the throttle quickly the engine stops right away. If I push the throttle gently it runs even for 6000 RPM. If I push full throttle it stops. When the engine is cold it didn't start at all. When it warm it starts and the idle is good but a little bit low. ~700 RPM. All of the cylinders work.

    I have already checked the fuel system, TPS sensor, sparks, timing, fuses, ECT...

    I have no more idea at the moment what else could be wrong.

    Can anybody help me please? What else should I check?

    If you have any idea pleeeeeeeeeeease tell me!

    Many Thanks, Tom
    Ps: sorry for my English
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    kepu sorry no one has picked this up did you find a solution to this problem?
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    To add to the list now is RUST!

    Two places that I have seen major structural rust problems are as follows.

    Chassis rails (inner wing) :- Under the front wheel arches on both sides is a plastic wheel arch liner secured by plastic clips. There is one clip in particular that is roughly in line with the shock absorber, this fixes into the underside of the chassis rail and it is here that a major rust hole can appear, I've seen this on a few scrap cars in exactly the same place.

    Engine subframe brace mounting point. :- There is a metal brace which comes off the main bolt for the engine subframe, this fixes to the body a little aft of the front wheels. I have seen this problem on more than one car, including my own, the mounting location can corrode badly to the point there is no metal left to mount to.
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    I'm going to check these places on mine ASAP. Mine doesn't have a bubble on it apart from the tailgate hinges are a little scabby
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    hopefully your car won't have these problems @vtecjay
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    Here's to hoping lol. Got a bit of a shopping list so far to sort on it.
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    Whats the list so far?
    rear calipers and brake pipes?
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    Not yet lol. Sort ignition as it cutting out. All drop links. An sort running problems out... so far. Not checked the usual rust places yet.
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    Forgot trans oil an complete service
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    But Yea I'd say rear discs an pads too
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    There is a thing on Hondas own website that you can go on, to see if your car was ever recalled, or if there is an outstanding recall stuff on it. There is a known issue with the ignition switch on these that was subject to a recall. i don't think its a barel fault though.
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    Stuck calipers and slider pins are a knewn issue on these too, I had both, but completely fixed them. You will need a caliper rewind tool for the rear calipers too btw, Lazer make one priced at around £20
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    Worth a shot but I suspect that the period to get these fixed passed a long time back.